About Me (iCF)

About me?  Well, I am currently 20 years old and have been a fan of country music my whole life.  It all began when I used to visit my aunt during the summer, in the 1990’s, and she’d always listen to the music on the radio (when it was the best, in my honest opinion).  In the house and in the car.  Hearing the songs these days reminds me great times and good memories, and sometimes make me sad and long for all those moments.  That’s where I grew to love Strait, Jackson, B&D, Loveless, Clint, Garth, Shania, Womack, Yearwood, Diamond Rio, Chesnutt, Byrd, and everybody else.  Even though I spent most my life in the city, I spent plenty of time growing up out in the desert, in the country, down in Arizona/New Mexico/Utah and experiencing the life that my family grew up with.  So I can relate and understand all the themes and stories that have to do with country music and the country because I lived some of it and saw it, even though these days, the music is becoming more urban.  What I hear on the radio these days, sometimes resembles good country music, but for the most part, is a huge disgrace, in my opinion.  Too much pop and rock, and while Shania Twain and Garth Brooks are among my list of most favorites, I think their music is not necessarily the best influence on the music (though, I believe they made the entertainment and performance-side, like live and concert-stuff, more interesting. more or less).  I love lots of pop-country tunes, though, but my heart lies mostly with the traditional stuff.

With this blog, iCF Music, I wanted to put down my experiences in life and recommend good music that I love and I think other people would want to hear.  My main inspiration for iCF Music, and I can’t say it enough, would have to be the awesomeness that is Country Universe (http://www.countryuniverse.net/).  Kevin, the site’s creator, and his unbelievable love for country music and his excellent taste, helped motivate and push me to create my own site, but with my own stamp on it.  I’ve done websites in the past and still kinda manage them today lol, but this is the one I’m most proud of.  It may not be the most popular site but I’m just glad to have visitors who read my words and hopefully, listen to and buy the music that I recommend.  Too many great great tracks go by unnoticed, it seems, and they deserve the kind of appreciation and attention that radio singles (sometimes) receive.

Some observations I’d like to bring up:

– Some have said that I’m anonymous, and I am, but the “CF” part of iCF doesnt mean “country fan”.  It’s actually my initials.  It just worked out that way, and hopefully clears that up a bit.

– This blog actually began at Blogspot or Blogger, or whatever it’s referred to. And Kevin suggested I switch because WordPress is much better, and man, he sure was right.  WordPress converted all my posts from the old blog onto this new one and that was sweet.  Any blogger should start here.

– I notice I’m not the most articulate person (but believe me, I’m better at typing up my thoughts on computer than I could say in person since I have time to think about what I put up and press “publish”).  Anyway, I do notice the common terms I use a lot on the site and that I should probably use a thesaurus (sometimes I do, but I get lazy).  I also tend to ramble a lot, which is what I do in real life, and I use parentheses a lot.  I have a hard time getting all of my constant rush of ideas I have into one focused thought lol.  That’s why my posts have a lot words in them.

– That’s all I can think of at the moment, I guess.  Oh yeah… I usually link to iTunes because that’s where I usually always buy my music (well, individual songs anyway), though Amazon.com has a great selection of basically the same songs, but available in MP3 form, so you can buy from them too!  (Update: I have been buying my music more from Amazon these days.  Makes more sense and it’s cool how the  downloads can be added to iTunes automatically, if you choose.

– Oh, btw, the main picture I used for the blog with the “wrinkled hand” and the guitar is actually not who you would think it is (not J Cash).  It’s actually a picture of Jack Ingram’s hands holding a guitar, but I edited it to black and white and gave it an “older” man look, because it’s simple and cool, and somewhat symbolizes my blog.

I very much appreciate anyone who reads my blog and what I have to say, so feel free to leave comments, even if you disagree (just don’t spam or leave teenage girl-like comments, unless it’s in agreement, then we’re good haha).



  1. I’d Like To Send You My Music

    Dear Fellow Country Music Lover:

    My name is Mike Runnels and I am an Austin, Texas-based country music artist and songwriter with four albums of real country to my credit. I’d like to email you a press release and my latest music. Would you kindly reply with an email address where I can send it? Many thanks.


    Mike Runnels

  2. Yay Amazon!

  3. Hello CF!

    I found this album review of Ashley Monroe’s Satisfied album.

    I saw you commented on the album review that you have “Thinking It Over”, “California (Barefoot Girl)” and you offered to send them to someone, saying you got them from a survey.

    Well I have managed to collect some Ashley Monroe songs (Satisfied album, plus more promos/demos) but haven’t yet tracked down “Thinking It Over”, “California (Barefoot Girl)”.

    If you would be so good as to email me the two tracks then I’ll have you’re email and can send you some back in return if you’d like them.

    Please let me know.

    Thanks alot,

  4. I assume you get notified of comments here? :-)

  5. Your site is excellent. My name’s Steve and I’m a Canadian music promoter. Kindly email me your music submission, as I’m working with an artist named Lucky Holloway who should suit your traditional country tastes.

    Thanks for your time,

  6. UMG Nashville would like to send you news and updates from our label. If interested, please get back to me with an e-mail address we can add to our database. Thank you.

  7. Howdy,

    I manage a band out of Virginia called The Loomis Fargo Gang and we love the site. How can we send you some music? We’d love to be a part of your idea.

    Thanks for your time,
    Adam Gardner

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