Recommendation XLV: Marty Stuart (w/ Connie Smith)

Yeah, I know. You can’t believe your eyes? Me neither haha. Poor pathetic ole me is back with a new entry! I haven’t posted in like a year (even after I did a new look to the site. Sad, isn’t it?) Well, I got the writing bug biting again and wanted to fill you a lil in on some new stuff about me and what I’ve been digging lately.

The main reasons I haven’t been posting is life has been/is just busy, and I’ve dived into other more time-consuming activities… but one big significant problem is that my freakin’ computer is too damn slow! Every time I turn it on, my laptop literally takes like 30 minutes to start up the screen and sometimes it’ll shut itself off when it has too much going on. Utterly irritating, to say the least, but I digress from my main subject…

My forty-fifth recommendation is: Marty Stuart’s (with Connie Smith) “I Run to You” from his 2010 Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions album. My post title practically gave it away haha, and I’m sure most people who read/used to read my blog already know about this gem however I wanted to write about it regardless.  I realize that I have already recommended Marty’s music in the past but 3 years has passed and this record can’t go ignored. Truly one of country music’s best guides to its history and tradition, Marty Stuart can always be counted upon to create timeless soul-driven pieces of art and this is no exception. I love watching his Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV when it airs and soaking up on that intoxicating steel and fiddle (which is pretty much meaningless on today’s radio) and really feeling it, so real country fans oughta check that out.

When I first previewed Ghost Train online a few months back, I was immediately pulled into the retro-production and Marty’s forever-spirited vocals. Every song was just as good as the last, though I have a real soft-spot for the slow traditional tunes with heavy steel usage and when I read reviews that Connie Smith, his legendary wife, sang with him on the album, I knew this was something special. One of my pet peeves from music fans/critics is when they label a song a “duet”, when it’s clearly not – and it’s background vocals and/or harmony instead. I would have loved a duet but no problemo here – this shit is gold! “I Run to You” (which is miles better than Lady Antebellum‘s recent hit) is a straight-forward, simple love collaboration between husband and wife and listening to it, you can’t help but be happy and smile. So country and sounds like something that was recorded in the 70’s… I especially love hearing the end music (at 3:41) very Glen Campbell-ish there, but comparison ends there…it’s pure traditional with some polish. Knowing how much Stuart and Smith adore each other, and that they co-wrote “Run”, adds more substance and enjoyment of this particular song. They even performed it live on their TV show together and it was sweet stuff. My favorite line is “…each step I take, leads to you only…”. Kudos on the Grammy nomination!

Other tracks I love are: “Bridge Washed Out” (George Jones-ish), “Drifting Apart” (kinda lyrically repetitive in the chorus lol, but lovely tune), “Little Heartbreaker” (musically reminds me of Waylon Jennings‘s “Rainy Day Woman” and Carlene Carter‘s “Every Little Thing” ha), “Branded” (his version of “Branded Man” – my fav Merle Haggard song) and the others are great too! (I’ve got a comparison for everything ;) ) I bought my album on for $5. Best deal I’ve found. Only place I could get it. Buy this album!

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song on now (in Mp3 format) right now!

Here are the full lyrics to “I Run to You”, written by Marty Stuart and Connie Smith:

I run to you when I’m lonely.
I run to you when I’m feeling blue.
Each step I take, leads to you only.
When I need love, I run to you.

This world, is sometimes cold and hard to bear.
What would I do, sweetheart, if you weren’t there?
When things go wrong, and my dreams fall apart,
You lift me up, you touch my heart.

I run to you when I’m lonely.
I run to you when I’m feeling blue.
Each step I take, leads to you only.
When I need love, I run to you.

No one else, in this world, could take your place.
I feel the love, in your embrace.
And I long in my heart, for you to feel, eternally.
My love is real.

I run to you when I’m lonely,
I run to you when I’m feeling blue
Each step I take, leads to you only
When I need love, I run to you.
When I need love, I run to you…



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