Top 10 Favorite CM Radio Singles of 2009

“I’m just a ghost in this house. I’m just a shadow upon these walls. As quietly as a mouse, I haunt these halls…”

… Totally describes my activity amongst these parts the second part of this year! I didn’t even bother to lurk.  I’m hoping to change that and post again.  I really got disinterested and I chose to dedicate my time towards other things, even though the blog was probably the most popular when I left it.  It just gets hard to post so often, so I apologize for my self-imposed exile, but alas I am back (I will make a personal blog entry in the future with my new discoveries).

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve been thinking of which songs to put on my list.  I really didn’t listen to too much commercial country radio this year, because XM Radio and my iPod are superior in all ways possible to that, and my ears craved other genres’ music a bit more. That said, what I did hear on today’s country was not very good anyway haha. My list is based on the songs I did hear and enjoyed and I’m sure there are some great tunes I missed, but this is what I’m gonna give you, so you better like it!

Top 10 Favorite Country Music Radio Singles of 2009:

  • 10. “Seein’ Stars” – Jack Ingram w/ Patty Griffin:
    • I’m well aware that this single was kinda just released but since it doesn’t seem to be doing that well, I decided I might as well bunch it onto ’09 (though I hope it turns around and becomes huge in 2010).  The reasons I like it is why it will probably bomb: because it’s more alternative country than mainstream, it’s slow-paced and radio probably doesn’t have any idea who Patty Griffin is! I love the simplicity of it and their vocals go together really well in the chorus.  I hear this on XM and every time, I like it more.
  • 09. “Busted” – Patty Loveless:
    • People are probably going “what?” with this one.  I know it wasn’t really a single single and had zero airplay on the radio, BUT it says on Wikipedia that it was a single, so that’s good enough for me for this one! Loveless’s album, Mountain Soul II, is THE best country album of the year, in my opinion, and seeing as I’m not doing anything album-related for year-end countdowns, this is my way of honoring it.  This highly covered Harlan Howard song hasn’t been done exactly like this: above the cotton-picking to coal mine lyric change, Patty’s emotional mountain voice really shines here.  Despite the depressing state of the narrator’s life, the song makes me smile through how good it sounds. The addition of Del McCoury for sure makes that smile bigger.
  • 08. “People Are Crazy” – Billy Currington:
    • I’ve read reviews saying that the production of this isn’t that country, and though maybe it’s just my 90’s-radio-upbringing messing with my ears, it sounds super country to me, compared to everything else. I appreciate the fact that Billy is recording different styles of music and this one was a pleasant surprise.  I agree that some of the lyrics, like the so-called chorus, could definitely be better done however the song as a whole is very nice.  His phrasing in certain parts recall classic country pieces, which I think is pretty cool, and the steel-usage is too.  I think if I sang this song, I would probably change “crazy” with an expletive though haha.

  • 07. “White Liar” – Miranda Lambert:
    • Ah one of the few actual country songs performed at this past CMA Awards.  Man, I love this one! Well written and possibly my favorite Miranda single ever.  This is a single I could see Loveless having a go at.  I approve of the surprise bombshell at the end. Greatness.
  • 06. “I Will” – Jimmy  Wayne:
    • Don’t adjust your computer screen or don’t stop reading, please lol. Granted that this single is really not country at all, even with the steel: it’s super pop and cheesy, BUT I like it. Jimmy’s vocals are excellent when placed in a good track and man, that steel does ring well with me. So nice and catchy. Consider it a guilty pleasure.
  • 05. “Welcome to the Future” – Brad Paisley:
    • For a while, I wasn’t too keen on this song but I think it had to do with the weird space-like sounds behind the country production.  Now it’s fine with me, and this cleverly written tune is evidence of how Brad can still be fresh and exciting and stay the same. My favorite line is the acoustic guitar solo part when he sings about his friend in school, and that’s really what got me into the song.  The worldly music video helped a lot too!
  • 04. “Barefoot and Crazy” – Jack Ingram:
    • You don’t know jack. Haha and yeah he’s back again.  This rocking, and I’ll admit it, typical mainstream-produced and worded, fare is hard not to tape your toes to. I’m a pretty big fan of his and I am pulled to his rugged Texan voice. This one reminds me somewhat of “Measure of a Man”. And I will also admit I’ve only seen it once and I hated it: that music video is pretty bad, Jack.
  • 03. “Strange” – Reba McEntire:
    • When she debuted this on the ACMs, I instantly loved it. Too too catchy and can’t get enough of it. She still has it. Cool fiddle and banjo with that beat and that Reba ‘tude. Chocolates sound good too. Mmm.
  • 02. “Red Light” – David Nail:
    • I had my one blog entry on him way back and I’m glad to say he didn’t disappoint me. I hope he emerges as a new hit artist because he is talented and chose a great song to be noticed this time around. I’m glad this single did fairly well. Now he just needs a second single release!
  • 01. “Solitary Thinkin’” – Lee Ann Womack:
    • No surprise here, but L.A.W. blew all the radio songs out of the water, so that’s why it didn’t become a hit.  I only heard this on XM a few times, but played the hell out of it on my iPod, so I did manage.  It’s so sad that her record label released the amazing music video so so late, where probably only a few eyes got to see it (that’s why there’s an old-fashioned mic for the picture up above).  Anyway, I am thrilled with the Grammy nominations for this and hope to God she and songwriter Waylon Payne win (yes, there IS a God ;) haha).  My favorite line is definitely: “lights are getting dimmer now, that means they’re gonna shut me down…”

There I’ve done it. There I’ve said it. There you have it.

Haha umm I’ll probably do a list for my favorite non-country singles later this week (that will take a while to think of), but my next post entry will be my least-favorite “country” singles. Be ready to throw your beers (or in this case, since it would probably anger teenage girls, throw your gum or something) at your screen in protest.  I won’t hold back.



  1. Welcome back! I completely understand takint the time to focus on other things. I also like Jimmy Wayne’s voice, just not his material as of late. “People Are Crazy” is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Solid choices, although sadly I did not enjoy Jack Ingram’s latest album as much as I wanted to.

  2. Thanks Carolyn! Feels good to be back after all this time :).

    Yet again I procrastinate lol. Right now I’m about to write my list of worst country singles…

    • Welcome back. I was tempted to set my sights elsewhere too in the last year, but I had my fellow Country Universe bloggers to keep me going. If I had my own blog, however, I know I would have abandoned it in 2009.:)

      Interesting list. When you see my personal picks next week, you’ll see that we don’t have much overlap, but it’s fun to read other perspectives anyway.

      I really like the production (and I think it definitely sounds country) for “People Are Crazy” and the melody is nice enough, but it’s the lyrics that ruin the song for me. For me, the story is farfetched, but not in a cool way. It annoys me more because I like the other parts of the song quite a bit.

      Can’t say I’ve been sold on David Nail or Jimmy Wayne either, though I guess I’d take Nail over Wayne if I was forced to choose.

  3. Good to see you back!

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