Recommendation XXXXIII: Danielle Peck

Today was an interesting day: I slept in ’til 11am (didn’t work today), ate lunch, headed to the park to take a run (I don’t get to run too often because of the cold weather and my freakin’ asthma lol), and when I got back, had to deal with a stalled car – the engine’s battery had gone out. That was my fault because stupid me left the car’s fan running on battery power while I was sitting in there for too long and it cost me. I was stuck there for about an hour, going around asking people for help like a loser and ask if they had jumper cables (I’m sure some did, but they were either scared or just mean haha). Anyway, a trio of strangers assisted me, with no problem at all, and kindness in their hearts. I think God wanted to prove two things to me today: there are still good people in this world, and don’t be an idiot and leave the battery running when it’s not necessary (and to buy jumper cables!).

My forty-third recommendation is: Danielle Peck’s “A Woman Does Too” from her 2006 Danielle Peck album.  I would still consider Danielle to be one of my favorite newer female singers in Nashville.  Her stunningly smoking beauty aside, she’s really talented and rather equipped with a distinctive and lovely voice with fine songwriting skills.  I first heard Danielle Peck‘s debut single, “I Don’t”, and took to it quickly (how could you not like a song that says “The difference is: Jesus loves you… I don’t.” ?).  And sure, after I researched her myspace and saw her gorgeous pictures, I did like her more, however I was even more so impressed with her music and with one website that listed her two influences: Patty Loveless and Trisha Yearwood.  I ended up pre-ordering her debut CD through MusiCountry, which offered an autographed album cover that I couldn’t resist.  After that, with singles, “Findin’ a Good Man”, and the similar, “Bad for You”, I knew I really liked her (I’m not really into “Isn’t That Everything?”, but it is catchy, I will admit).  I also like how the first two singles I mentioned in the last sentence are pretty country, but definitely contemporary/mainstream (the choruses are traditional-country/honky-tonk-like sounding, but the beats and the rest of it are pretty pop and rock-sided, somewhat like Shania Twain‘s “Any Man of Mine” is).

It’s kinda funny, but I didn’t really get into the spotlighted track for today, “A Woman Does Too”, until I heard it one night on my iPod while I was sleeping at college.  What I used to do at school, was make a play-list of slow songs I own and then listen to them so I could get sleepy, thinking they will help relax my mind and body into rest.  I did that because I needed to: my freakin’ roommate had a tendency to snore pretty loud (like my previous one did the year before, much to my dismay lol), and I just couldn’t take it.  He’s a nice guy, and it’s not really something you can do about, unless you get those band-aid-like things and put them on your nose, or you can just make sure you sleep on your side, too… Anyway, he snored really loud and consequently, my iPod became my true friend to turn to for those nights, and became an ally I could never forget or give enough thanks to.  “A Woman Does Too” was one of the songs from the album I wasn’t crazy about, initially, because to me, it was slow and boring.  I never listened to it the full way through, until one night I woke up and heard it playing, and I thought: man, this is really good.

It’s the combination of the pop-country ballad music, the truthful lyrics, and Danielle’s soothing vocals.  The adult-contemporary-country production of the song consists of fiddle, piano, percussion, acoustic, electric, and steel guitar, and a synthesizer I’m guessing (I thought it was strings, but album credits don’t list it, so I was tricked lol.  Synthesizers can be a big no-no, but I am forgiving.)  My favorite parts of the song are the chorus where the steel guitar, electric guitar, percussion, and synthesizer are strong, with Danielle’s voice, and are not necessarily overdone like other artists and productions may falter to, leaving a powerful lasting impression .  The lyrics, co-written by Ms. Peck, are about how both men and women go through a lot of the same things in life, and lots of the feelings that men feel and the things they need are not limited to our gender, but women feel it too.  I think it makes a nice statement and I think this track is pretty underrated.  Danielle Peck doesn’t overdo it and knows the boundaries of her vocal range, and succeeds in a sweet and convincing delivery.

I know I mentioned Shania above, but I didn’t bring up how Danielle and Shania’s vocals are somewhat similar.  Danielle’s voice reminds me of the younger, The Woman In Me, more twangier, (yet still poppy) Shania.  Two other tracks I originally cast off as “slow, too pop-sounding, and boring” from Danielle’s album were “Thirsty Again” (which has a killer fiddle/violin solo at the end), and “Somebody for You”, but have since then, proven to be very good and judged unfairly.  Another poppy slow song you also might enjoy is the mandolin-heavy “Kiss You On the Mouth”, which was one of the songs that drew me to the album in the beginning.   One that traditionalists might like is the bluesy-rockin’ uptempo, “Honky-Tonk Time”.  Good stuff.  I will have to check out Danielle’s new CD (called Can’t Behave, released December 2008… and man, look at that album cover!)

Thanks for reading!

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Here are the full lyrics to “A Woman Does Too”, written by Tommy Lee James & Danielle Peck:

A man has his dreams
He hope, he prays
He laughs, he cries
A man tries his best
Sometimes he falls
A man does what he has to do
And a woman does too

A man wants to love
With all his heart
He’s not afraid
A man needs someone to share his life
He wants someone to hold at night
Like baby I do
Yeah, a woman does too

So baby, lay down here beside me
Sometimes a man just needs two arms to fall into
And if you wanna know the truth
A woman does too

A man has to be strong
Standing still
To make his way
A man takes on the world
Holds his ground
He has so much he has to prove
And a woman does too

So baby, lay down here beside me
Sometimes a man just needs two arms to fall into
And if you wanna know the truth
A woman does too

A woman does too
This woman does too




  1. Yes! I am so happy you recommended this – I’d probably say this is my favorite song of hers. I tend to go back and forth on Danielle – I like her voice and she seems like a sweetheart, but I don’t feel that her material always reflects her talent.

  2. Hey ccdixon. So sorry for the late reply. I’ve been way busy and haven’t made an update in like two weeks lol.

    Yeah, I think Danielle does need stronger material for her to stick out more. She’s got some good stuff and some weak stuff (“Sucks to Be You” sounds too much like something that would be on Faith Hill’s Faith album).

  3. I also love Danielle! About the reflection of her talent, I think maybe it’s because the ‘rules’ of the label and things like that.
    Her new album was just released and it seems like she’s already working on the third, because her new label isn’t happy with her direction on “Can’t Behave”. It’s funny, because on her MySpace we could hear a lot of good songs while she was recording “Can’t Behave”, but instead of it, she releases an album with a lot of cover songs. I just doesn’t get it at all. But she’s great and I hope she’ll be sucessfull in whatever she does by now.

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