Top 20 Fav Non-Country Radio Singles of 2008

Since this is iCF Music (a stress on the “Music” part), I always intended to not just make it about country stuff, but my other musical likes (and also, to separate myself from anything labeled “country” that wasn’t country, that I might have liked lol).  It took me a while to decide for these radio tracks.  I tried looking up online to see if they were mostly played 2008 songs, and I believe that they are.  I know 2008 was 13 days ago, but whatever.

I know some songs and some artists on my list are not liked by some (radio overkill? just a bad song? so many varying reasons… lol), but during 2008, they were a big part of my life and made me happy.  I believe they are all mostly fast, uptempo songs because I tended to like those for my running and exercising purposes.  The list has radio singles from pop, alternative rock, mainstream rock, R&B, and dance.  Remember, none of these are country, so I’m sure some of my viewers won’t be interested in them lol, but I wanted to post them regardless.  Click on the song title to hear a clip, and the artist name to read more about them.

Top 20 Favorite Non-Country Music Radio Singles of 2008:

  • 20. “Let It Die”Foo Fighters:
    • This one I grew to like while working at my sandwich shop job, because I turned the radio on the alternative rock station, and I thought it was cool how the song builds up the the climax, starting  with a simple constant guitar pick, and eventually, explodes into a powerful electric-guitar heavy sound and with grittier vocals.  You’re right there with him, the whole time, and wait in anticipation for the tempo to get bigger.
  • 19. “Won’t Go Home Without You”Maroon 5:
    • I’ve always liked the distinctness of front man, Adam Levine’s, high-pitched vocals from other groups, and this song is no different.  I wasn’t too fond about it at first, but when my family picked me up from college in the summer, my sister played the heck outta this one on XM, and I grew to like it a lot.  It reminds me of our trip to San Diego afterward.  I just read online tonight that the guitar undertone in the song is based on The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”.  Cool.
  • 18. “It’s Not My Time”3 Doors Down:
    • This single is very much their style and sound and proves 3DD is still at the top of their game.  Brad Arnold’s voice cuts clear across this and while it’s definitely not their best single, it’s still better than lots of songs.  Remember Arnold is the one who Tracy Lawrence had a duet with, featured in my recommendation?
  • 17. “Don’t Stop”Innerpartysystem:
    • Said to be inspired partly by Anna Nicole Smith and the whole celebrity culture of greediness and such, with the media attention and everything.  It’s sung from a first-person point of view from one of those kinda people: “I am the closest thing to God.  So worship me and never stop…“.  We, the public, keep feeding these people on with our obsession with their lives, and it is crazy.  What turned me on to the song, originally, was the music: very techno-ish.  Contains the “F” word haha, but makes the point of the song stick across better.
  • 16. “Love Is Gone” (Radio Edit Remix)Chris Willis & David Guetta:
    • Another one that I like mainly because of the music.  The vocals are okay, but the single is very catchy.  Makes you wanna get up and dance (techno-club-style).   A great track for running along with.  Apparently, it was huge in Europe, which is not a surprise.  Only complaint is that this is one of those singles that has a like a million remixes and stuff, so that gets to be too much.
  • 15. “Hot N Cold”Katy Perry:
    • Hahaha, oh man.  I would not even admit to liking this, even to my friends, but it’s very appealing to the ears and you can’t get it out of your head (I’m sure nay-sayers might agree too lol).  I didn’t care for her previous single, but “Hot” is so much better.  I know bi-polar folk like the one described here and believe me, you don’t wanna deal with it.  I think Katy Perry is weird and I refuse to watch her videos or performances, though I really enjoy this one, unfortunately.
  • 14. “Don’t Trust Me”3OH!3:
    • These two guys hail from Denver, CO, just like me (their name comes from our city’s area code).  I originally didn’t like this song because I thought the line: “Shush girl, shut your lips, do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips” was so stupid (and it still is, but a catchy lyric).  This blend of hip-hop and rock is not for the conservative type, for sure.  My favorite line would have to be “X’s on the back of your hands, Wash them in the bathroom to drink like the bands“, because it is brilliantly written.  I’m not saying I encourage underage drinking – I just think it’s clever songwriting.

  • 13. “Lovers In Japan”Coldplay:
    • I noticed a similarity in my likeness for non-country singles – I realize that it has more to do with the sound of the song, than it does with the lyrics.  This single is no exception.  I don’t really listen to the lyrics too much, but I really gravitate toward the poppy-rock music infused throughout (I think there might be a mandolin in there too?) and there’s an airplane/bomb-like hum surrounding that, it seems.
  • 12. “Troublemaker”Weezer:
    • With a total contrast, this one is all ’bout them lyrics (my favorite line, although it might turn some off, is “Marrying a biotch, having seven ki-ods” lol).  The main singer, Rivers Cuomo, has one of the best voices in alternative rock music, and can make about any song resonate well.  My favorite song from them has to be “Hash Pipe” (which I like because it’s so cool and hip-sounding, and spy-like).
  • 11. “Human”The Killers:
    • I’m a big fan of The Killers and while I think the lyrics in this one are dumb and don’t make sense to me (“Are we human, or are we dancer?“), I just can’t stop listening to it.  Can’t stop singing along, either.  From the clips of their newest album that I’ve heard, I’m thinking their older stuff was better, but this is great.  I can’t really watch the main singer, Brandon Flowers, perform though – he has odd movements.
  • 10. “Beating My Heart”Jon McLaughlin:
    • Newcomer Jon McLaughlin and his first single from his sophomore album.  Very unique and ’80’s sounding, with an amazing voice (somewhat similar to John Waite’s, in my opinion).  One of the catchiest songs of the year.  Makes me happy to swing my head along with.
  • 09.  “Another Way to Die”Jack White & Alicia Keys:
    • From the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.  At first, I thought it was OK, but grew to really really love it.  I could do without or less Keys and listen to more Jack, however.  Can’t do a OO7 song without those classic horns.  Greatness, even though some Bond fans disagree.
  • 08. “No Air”Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown:
    • Yes, I mentioned this one in my country list, but that was in the review for Rissi Palmer’s version.  I actually think I enjoy this one slightly more.  Just excellent vocals non-stop and the poppy music is nice.  Glad to see the Grammy nominations for this.
  • 07. “All Over You”The Spill Canvas:
    • Alternative rock with pop tendencies, but just plain damn catchy.  Take a listen.  The guy in this song is heartbroken and through the vocals, you can get a sense of his denial, anger, confusion, and sadness.  Will definitely check out more from these guys.
  • 06. “Let It Rock”Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne:
    • Probably one of the most catchiest songs I’ve ever heard.  Can’t beat that music, which is similar to Timbaland’s work.  Lil Wayne’s vocal contribution used to bother me (and sometimes, it still does), but this is one unbelievable cool song.  I always turn this one up.  It’s a pop/hip-hop hybrid that’s highlight’s are most definitely the Kevin Rudolf vocal parts, in the chorus.  I have the “Explicit” version, for sure haha (you can’t even hear anything bad in it, anyway).
  • 05. “If I Never See Your Face Again”Maroon 5 & Rihanna:
    • Maroon 5 returns to my list again with this 80’s-sounding duet with superstar, Rihanna.  Their voices go so well together and this is one exciting collaboration in music.  “‘Cause you keep me coming back for more…
  • 04. “I’m Not Over”Carolina Liar:
    • Incredible Killers-like summer single from new band, Carolina Liar.  This one was played a lot on my local alternative/independent rock station and I couldn’t get enough of it.  Great to run to on the iPod!
  • 03. “Forever”Chris Brown:
    • I think this is supposed to be hip-hop, but it’s more pop/dance-like.  This single is another one that my sister got me into over the summer.  You might have heard on those Doublemint Gum commercials lol.  The vocals have got that Cher-thing going on (you know that vocal-studio-edited thing on George Strait’s “Stars On the Water”?).  I just really like the music in this a lot.  Didn’t like Chris Brown before that so this was a nice way to turn me around, kinda.
  • 02. “Leave Out All the Rest”Linkin Park:
    • I remember when LP’s latest album came out, I immediately was drawn to this one.  It’s similar to “Shadow of the Day” in that it is pop-ish, though this single is more rock.  The lyrics: “When my times comes / forget the wrong that I’ve done / Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed…” is deep and with singer, Chester Bennington’s hard-core vocals, you can totally feel that pain and pleading.
  • 01. “Stop and Stare”OneRepublic:
    • This is #1.  I remember sitting by a woman last year in an airplane in April 2008, who was listening to her iPod and I could hear her listening to this song.  She was bawling and while I did kinda feel sorry for her (she was weird), it was just annoying lol, so I didn’t originally  take to the song.  I really got into it later in the spring and it made me sad, just thinking about what a year in college I had (my best) and how I had to leave my friends.  Just excellent vocals from fellow Coloradoan, Ryan Tedder (I like the way he sings “ever glance is killing me” haha), and excellent music and lyrics.  Definitely my top favorite of 2008 in non-country circles.  Check out their album, Dreaming Out Loud (that tree in the main pic of this blog post is from that ;-) ).

O.K.  Hopefully, that all went well, and you got through it.  I’m not ashamed of my music tastes.  I can only hope someone checks them out haha.



  1. I love “Lovers In japan”, “Hot N Cold” and “No Air”. Some great picks there. Was “Lovers” an official single at all? It seems Coldplay is being all mushy and indecisive with their singles and what they’re doing with them. The multiple single re-mixes and random music videos just make it worse.

  2. Wow. This list makes me feel old and out of touch! I haven’t heard one song on it!

    I did, however, play the heck out of Madonna’s “Give it 2 Me” and Pink’s “So What.” I’ll also sheepishly admit an affection for Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.”

  3. I think it was, Chris. I don’t know. I just assumed it was haha. I’ll go look around.

    Hahaha Kevin. Not good.

    I almost added “Give it 2 Me”. Awesome to run to. I have yet to hear “Lollipop”, but I have heard “So What”, and I gotta admit: the “na na na na na”s just don’t sit right with me :P.

  4. I’m with Kevin. I’m so out of touch with noncountry music that I’ve never even heard any of these songs. I’ve heard *of* some them, but haven’t actually heard them.

  5. Oh yeah, that’s a kind of disturbing/awkward story to have to associate with your favorite non country song of 2008, huh?

  6. I used to be that way. Like when a music awards show would come on, I’d be totally lost b/c I hadn’t heard those songs before. I just got more into other music because of my sister, and not having XM everywhere I needed it (work, and when XM was gone from our home for a while lol). I’d rather hear other music than hear a good amount of the mainstream country stuff.

    Haha yeah. I friend also had in on her playlist in her car when a whole bunch of us were driving back from somewhere. It was sad knowing that it was one of the last nights we had together for that year. And it really isn’t the same anymore.

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