Recommendation XXXXI: Ashley Monroe & Trent Dabbs

I’m back… been a long week and I am tired (yawn express). Long long day at both jobs. I still cannot believe that it’s December already and ’08 is almost over (I will not not be doing a “Best Albums of 2008” edition, sorries… maybe a best single thing. I dunno.)  Anyway, no real big update on me.  Just started paying off some loan stuff, and other payments (total craziness.  I should be spending the money on Christmas gifts! haha.)  Btw, I just recently watched The Happening on DVD, and it really really sucked.  Horrible, horrible movie in every way possible.  Now, every time I see and hear Mark Wahlberg talk, I think of that SNL bit.  Here’s to forty-one…

My forty-first recommendation is: Ashley Monroe & Trent Dabbs’s “Laying Low” from their 2008 Ashley Monroe and Trent Dabbs – EP album.  Yes, I am on a duo craze right now.  I have mentioned them before, in my Brooks & Dunn recommendation, and I discovered their music in July earlier this year.  I was real curious to know what Ashley Monroe was doing ever since her exceptional (but never released) debut album fell through with Sony Nashville.  From the clips I heard of that album, I seriously think it could have been the best debut album from anyone, that I’ve ever heard (even rivaling Lee Ann Womack‘s debut, whom Ashley somewhat sounds like.  She also reminds me of Dolly Parton and Jewel).  Country radio had a big play in us never hearing it, and they missed a huge opportunity by not playing Ashley’s music.  At least, she’s doing decent as a songwriter, but her singing is just incredible and should be heard by everyone.  I was excited to see she was making new music on her myspace page, and even more thrilled to see she created new tunes with a person I had never heard of: Trent Dabbs.

I had no idea what to expect.  The first song I heard from them on the duo’s separate myspace page was “Gone”, which features Monroe’s vocals in the front, with Dabbs in harmony.  The sound was more distinctive with the likes of alternative country than anything.  Then I heard “I’m Coming Over” (you can see and hear an acoustic live performance here on youtube here), which has both vocalists singing together equally, with Dabbs starting it up.  That song is definitely more pop-sounding with strings, percussion, and drums, and Dabbs’s vocals are clearly more pop-oriented, but it still has a slight southern accent entwined (he’s really great, though).  Really catchy, extremely pleasant music.

The last track I heard was “Laying Low” and that one hit me the most.  This is a track, which again, like the first, features Ashley, vocally, at the front.  It begins with a piano and drums…a slow-paced song about feeling depressed and not understanding how some things that she visually observes are going up, while emotionally, she’s feeling so down – such a contradition.  Looking at the lyrics, it reads like poetry.  I’m assuming they both wrote the song, so I gave them credit for it, unless otherwise told or I find the info of something else.  The production consists of the before-mentioned piano and drums, and electric and steel guitar.  Still poppy but overall, alternative country.  When Monroe and Dabbs’s vocals come together, you can hear how well their sounds connect and create such beautiful unique music.  When I first heard this in mid-July-’08, I wanted to recommend the track here, but the album/EP had not been announced yet (well, it never really was – I found it on my own lol).  Check out this acoustic live performance of “Laying Low” from Monroe and Dabbs on myspace.

I bought their new EP album through the MP3 link (a little over $5) and it is a great buy.  The newer songs that I hadn’t heard yet, “Now That I Know” and “See Right Through” are just as amazing tracks as the others.  Pretty poppy too, but these two are putting out better music than mainstream acts, so give them a chance.  Check them out.  Support these two by purchasing their music (I’m listening to Trent Dabbs’s music on his myspace page… he’s got a cool new Christmas song out, and one of his other new songs, “Shine”, is just excellent.  He got himself a bigger fan, tonight.  Also, with regards to Ms. Monroe, listen to her latest collaboration with The Raconteurs (fronted by Jack White) and Ricky Skaggs on “Old Enough”.

I’m not sure if this will be my last post before Christmas, but if it is, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  (btw, I want a digital camera… ;-) )

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song on iTunes right now!

Buy the song on (in MP3 format) right now!

Here are the full lyrics to “Laying Low”, written by Ashley Monroe and Trent Dabbs:

Airplane on a midnight flight
Miles and miles above
Those silver wings
Cold and still
Just keep going up
I’m still laying low

Tell me when it dies down
Tell me when to come around
Tell me where to go
‘Cause I’m –
I’m still laying low

Bluest bird
Talk to me
Don’t your wings get tired?
And when they do
How do you learn to
Just keep flying higher?
‘Cause I’m still laying low

Tell me when it dies down
Tell me when to come around
Tell me where to go
‘Cause I –
I’m still laying low

You made it look easy
How sound and safely
Nobody would know
I’m still laying low

Tell me when it dies down
Tell me when to come around
Tell me where to go –
Tell me when it dies down
Tell me when to come around
Tell me where to go
‘Cause I’m –
I’m still laying low




  1. Hey, first of all thanks for this site! I found it some time ago, but I kinda forget it… But now I was pleasely sent back to it, and it’s now on my favorites!

    My second thanks is for the lyrics you use to post here. As a Brazilian, sometimes (most all of the time, hehe) I have some difficult to understand some verses and part of the songs, and sometimes the lyrics take a long time to appear on the net, or they just don’t appear! And in cases like that, it’s more difficult, because these artists don’t have big support.

    Said that (thank you again!), I’m a big Ashley’s fan, her voice and her songwriting are just amazing. So I’m really exciting about her now.

    • Thank you Felipe! Sorry for the 2 month late reply!

      No problem about posting the lyrics. I noticed there wasn’t any for this song, so it’s cool being the only site that has them.

      I love Ashley! She is amazing, I agree.

  2. Hey CF. Still looking for “Thinking it over” and “California” so let me know if you want to trade some Ashley Monroe songs….

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