myTunes 36 Most Played Songs (12.10.08)

I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite some time – revealing what my top played songs are on iTunes.  By default, the most played playlist is set at 25 or something, but since 36 is my lucky number and 36 just happens to fit perfectly in the height of laptop screen monitor (to where I didn’t have to scroll down to see the whole list), it worked out so so good.

Revealing this list, for me, feels like letting out my public tax return information to the public lol (well, it wouldn’t be big at all, but just imagine that I’m a celebrity and this is now common knowledge).  I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, though some of my choices and rankings of some songs and artists might surprise/turn off/turn on some people, so it’s your choice on what you’ll decide to think of me from now on hahaha.  Whatever, though.  We all have our guilty pleasures/inner demons :p.

I’ll list it backwards, from #36 to #1.  It’s pretty accurate (well, these are based on plays from when I uploaded the tracks to my laptop’s iTunes in summer 2006, and from iPod plays, so it’s based from then).  You will see my varying tastes, from traditional/pop/alternative/rocking/country,bluegrass, rock, pop, and alternative rock.

These below are my stats, as of this moment, Tuesday night, December 9th. 2008 @ 11:23pm (out of about 39,000 plays):

CF’s 36 Top Played Songs:

For a more detailed list, click here for a screen capture (album name, last played dates, etc.).  I think on a few songs, when I synced my iPod (like #8), it might have put more plays than actually done, but I have no idea lol.  That one really surprised me, even though I think it’s a great song.  I should let you know, two other songs tied for #36, and those were George Jones & Tammy Wynette’s “(We’re Not) The Jet Set” and Josh Turner’s “Another Try”

What were your top 36?



  1. I didn’t realize you were such a Jack Ingram fan!:)

  2. Haha, me neither. I knew he was one of my new favorites, but I still can’t believe he fills 5 spots in my top 10 lol. I know during 2007, I was in an Ingram-craze. I haven’t really taken to the new single, “That’s a Man” a whole lot (it’s OK, but average compared to his other work).

  3. 36 is my lucky/favorite number too! It has been since I was in 4th grade. xD

    Good, I’m not the only one who loves Lee Ann’s “Finding My Way Back Home”. That’s such a great song, and so is “A Little Past Little Rock”.

    Looking at mine, it’s dominated by Sugarland and Lee Ann Womack.

  4. Mine comes from my birthday (March 6) haha.


    Although I’m a big critic of Sugarland, a good amount of admirable and respectable critics seem to love them, so I’ll give them another chance. For some reason, I just can’t get into them, but maybe I’ll go a little bit easier of them from now on lol.

  5. hmm 36 okayes! : )

    36. “Fine Line” – Little Big Town (49 plays)
    35. “Gone Either Way” – Ray Scott (50 Plays)
    34. “Holler Back” – Lost Trailers (50 Plays) (Only because I have a top 60 playlist and it was a big hit…)
    33. “Would You Go With Me” – Josh Turner (50 Plays)
    32. “I Don’t Want You To Go” – Carolyn Dawn Johnson (50 Plays)
    31. “Good Time” – Alan Jackson (50 Plays)
    30. “Me And Charlie Talking” – Miranda Lambert (51 Plays)
    29. “What I Cannot Change” – LeAnn Rimes (52 Plays)
    28. “Mississippi’s Cryin'” – Emily West (52 Plays)
    27. “When It Rains” – Eli Young Band (52 Plays)
    26. “You’re Gonna Love Me” – Chris Young (52 Plays)
    25. “Full Grown Woman” – Sarah Buxton (54 Plays)
    24. “All I Ever Wanted” – Chuck Wicks (54 Plays)
    23. “Good Little Girls” – Blue County (54 Plays)
    22. “Man To Man” – Gary Allan (55 Plays)
    21. “Joey” – Sugarland (57 Plays)
    20. “He Hates Me” – Sarah Johns (56 Plays)
    19. “I’m Done” – Jo Dee Messina (57 Plays)
    18. “You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss)” – Jessica Andrews (57 Plays)
    17. “Just A Dream” – Carrie Underwood (57 Plays)
    16. “Already Gone” – Sugarland (59 Plays)
    15. “All I Want To Do” – Sugarland (59 Plays)
    14. “Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine” – LeAnn Rimes (60 Plays)
    13. “Love Don’t Live Here” – Lady Antebellum (61 Plays)
    12. “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead” – Jason Michael Carroll (63 Plays)
    11. “Anything Goes” – Randy Houser (64 Plays)
    10. “Lookin’ For A Good Time” – Lady Antebellum (64 Plays)
    09. “73 (Everything Changes)” – Jennifer Hanson (65 Plays)
    08. “Rocks In Your Shoes” – Emily West (65 Plays)
    07. “Last Call” – Lee Ann Womack (66 Plays)
    06. “Country Man” – Luke Bryan (67 Plays)
    05. “Johnny And June” – Heidi Newfield (68 Plays)
    04. “Another Try” – Josh Tuner & Trisha Yearwood (69 Plays)
    03. ‘In Color” – Jamey Johnson (76 Plays)
    02. “You Can Let Go” – Crystal Shawanda (88 Plays)
    01. “Sounds So Good” – Ashton Shepherd (106 Plays)

    Hmm I’m a little surprised that certain artists aren’t on there, but this is only a years worth of listening if I still had my old computer’s play count none of these songs would even make my top 50 so…

  6. haha, nice list! I like a lot of those songs.

    Yeah, I know what you mean with the computer thing. Not totally accurate but the results are really interesting when you look at them again. I used to take screen captures of my top 36 pretty often last year, and looking back at those results from then, most songs are changed. It’s weird how tastes changes. Guess I’ve been in more of a rock-mode this past year.

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