iCF Music Poll (10.24.08)

Time for a poll, I think.  I wanted to write a new recommendation, but of course, I’m pretty busy these days and I gotta get ready for my week long trip in a few days (gonna visit my friends).  Got some other good news: got internet back at home, so I should be able to post more often when I can.  I feel so far behind on several things right now, and am still catching up.  WordPress just added a new poll feature and I wanted to try it out!  I counted up all of my recommendations and the songs, and while there have been 36 recommendation posts, there have been 42 total recommended songs.  I divided the polls into six songs each.  Might be tough, but thought it might be fun.  I’ll make a post after the post is published with my own answers and why (I chose the palm tree background to coincide with my West coast trip lol – which I’d like to have variety, but y’know, that’d look weird…).

I gotta mention: very very excited for the upcoming OO7 movie, “Quantum of Solace” (out Nov 14th, 2008).  I’m gonna be Bond for Halloween :D (again, 7 years later  but this time, it will be better).  Also, I’m lovin’ the latest Lee Ann Womack album, Call Me Crazy.  Picked up my copy on Tuesday at Best Buy and am listening to it now!  Go here to read my review on it (it took quite a while to type it up!).  Any country fan will appreciate the album.

Enjoy the rest of October.  Say “hi” to your mother for me… I’ll be in Cali in a few.



  1. (didn’t know that the poll text would be kinda hard to read with the brown on brown thing going on in it – just highlight it to read it)

    For the first poll, it was tough, but I went with “Go It Alone” by Clint, because while the other songs are great, I just have a real close connection with this one. When I do listen to it, I still think of my old dog.

    Had to go with “Maybe She’ll Get Lonely” – Jack Ingram, no doubt. Love the others, but this one is almost unbeatable. It’s still #1 on my most played on iTunes and currently at 184 plays, at least.

    Another tough choice, but “I Know Why the River Runs” – Lee Ann Womack takes it in the end.

    I’m gonna go with “I Drove All Night” – Pinmonkey. That song shoulda been big, as they should have.

    “Caroline” by Brooks & Dunn. Hard to beat Ronnie Dunn with Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas.

    For this moment, I’m really feeling “For the Love”- Tracy Lawrence & Brad Arnold. Reminds me of California, for some reason. Two incredible and distinct voices together.

    Love ’em all, but I chose “Kindly Keep It Country” – Vince Gill. It’s #11 on my most played. You can’t go wrong with two classic country vocals together singing traditional tear-in-your-beer country: Gill and Womack.

  2. K for the first one I had to go with Kathleen Edwards I love her so much.

    Next was Pam Tillis & John Anderson just because it’s two of my favorite artists singing together.

    For the third I had to go with Rebecca Lynn Howard, this is the best song she’s recorded thus far in her career, and she’s recorded a lot of great songs.

    I Agree with you on the fourth, Pinmonkey should’ve been big.

    Next was Josh Turner because of how cool it sounds.

    Nobody beats Loretta Lynn, no further comment.

    The last one was hard as there was three Vince Gill songs but Anita’s great song beats them all.

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