Recommendation XXXIV: Sheryl Crow

All I can say to this site’s audience: thanks so much for waiting.  It means a lot to me that people still check out this site regularly even when I don’t post too often.  With my time off from school, I’ve got my good times and bad: it’s nice not having to stress over work and papers (my film class woulda been so fun though), but it is killing me not being able to hang out with my many buddies and others back there.  I feel like I’m missing out and will miss out on lots of stuff, and I’m thinking I might not be able to return in 2009.  But I came up with a plan to visit my friends early than planned before 2008 is over, so I’m excited about that (will be kinda expensive though…lol).  Anyway, I can guess what most of you are thinking when you saw the picture on the side: what’s she doing on the site?  She’s not country! I know she may not be considered “country”, but she’s done several works within the genre and she has integrated it somewhat in her style throughout her whole career.  She’s worked with Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, Jack Ingram, Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, and others, and even her duet with Kid Rock (“Picture”) sounded more country than most songs on country radio, so I think she’s earned at least a recommendation (She even had another single on the country charts with the poppier single, “The First Cut is the Deepest”, if you can remember that.)

My thirty-fourth recommendation is: Sheryl Crow’s “Anything But Down” from her 1998 The Globe Sessions album.  Sheryl is one of my favorite rock/pop artists and I like a fair amount of her work.  I’d have to say that “All I Wanna Do” (the much much better of the songs with that name.  Yeah, I said it, and I do mean it, Sugarland.) is my favorite song of her’s because it’s so catchy and reminds me of the ’90s.  It’s got a slight country feel to it with the steel guitar that’s used prominently in the track, and her voice is always easy to notice.  Even when she turned pop with “Soak Up the Sun”, she was still as good as ever (though, her rockier, edgier stuff is preferred).  I remember when I was young, I confused her with Martina McBride when I saw her lol, especially with her music video for the James Bond movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies” (now I don’t really see any similarities, except that they had real short hair in the past).  My only complaint about Ms. Sheryl Crow is that she seems to kinda mumble when she performs live and while it it part of her style and isn’t done on purpose, it gets somewhat distracting.  But whatever, she’s still a great music icon.

“Anything But Down” was a radio single back in the ’90s on the rock/pop charts but I don’t think it ever really got the recognition it called for.  It was not included on her Best of album, like it was just a forgotten song and never existed (I don’t know how high it charted, so it may not even have been a “hit”).  It’s definitely one of my favorite Sheryl Crow songs, and there’s no denying it’s not that different than anything alternative country has to offer: it may not have a country music sound to it and may be just plain rock, but like I said, it’s like alternative country.  Listening to the song these days, immediately makes me think of some songs by Pinmonkey, Kathleen Edwards (both of whom have been recommended on this site), and of other alternative artists.  I’m not sure what all instruments the song comprises of but I think I may hear steel guitar/lap steel and maybe even mandolin in this rocking tune.  Just listen to it, and I think you’ll like it a lot.  It’s got some excellent guitar work and solos, and her vocals sound incredible, I think.  The lyrics are about the narrator’s relationship and how it’s just not working out because she brings him whatever his heart desires, but he doesn’t ever bring her anything but down (hard to word that lol, but you know what I mean: he’s using her and brings nothing to the table).  Classic country theme of love, pain, and the heartache that comes with it.

I don’t own The Globe Sessions album, just bought the one song from it, but based on how good this track is, I’m sure the whole CD is great stuff.  I’ve listened to sample clips of the most recent Crow album, Detours, and it’s return to her older sound and I’m likin’ it.  Anyway, and I gotta say, on a total unrelated but still related note: with today’s economy in the US, like Sheryl sings, a change would do us good.

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song here on iTunes right now!

Here the full lyrics to “Anything But Down”, written by Sheryl Crow:

I light your cigarettes
I bring you apples from the vine
How quickly you forget
I run the bath and pour the wine
I bring you everything that floats into your mind

But you don’t bring me anything but down
You don’t bring me anything but down
You don’t bring me anything but down
When you come around

You are a raging sea
I pull myself out everyday
I plea insanity
‘Cause I can’t leave but I can’t stay
You say, “won’t you come find me?” and “yes” is what I say

You don’t bring me anything but down
You don’t bring me anything but down
Everything is crashing to the ground

Maybe I’m not your perfect kind
Maybe I’m not what you had in mind
Maybe we’re just killing time

You with your silky words
And your eyes of green and blue
You with your steel beliefs
That don’t match anything you do
It was so much easier before you became you

You don’t bring me anything but down
You don’t bring me anything but down
Everything just crashes to the ground
When you come around
When you come around

No more playing seek and hide
No more long and wasted nights
Can’t you make it easy on yourself

I know you wish you were strong
You wish you were never wrong
Well, I got some wishes of my own




  1. I’m going to check this out. I actually really like her too. I love her cover of Hank Williams’ “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” from his tribute album. It’s the best cover on there and it makes me sad that she hasn’t completely crossed over to country. I have a couple of her albums, but not the one that you’re referring too. It sounds like I need to remody this problem though.

  2. Haha. Thanks Leeann. I haven’t heard that one yet. Will check it out!

  3. Yeah, I hope you do, because it’s really priceless.

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