Recommendation XXIX: Loretta Lynn

Hello all. Nice to see you. It’s been a long time… (well, it sure feels like it!).  I feel bad that I haven’t been able to update this site regularly like I was in early July (trust me- if I had internet at home, I’d stick to that routine, but I don’t).   Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working a lot at two jobs and I’m usually pretty busy.  Thank God one of my best friends works with me at one of the jobs, so it’s fun to just talk and hang when it’s possible.  For the most part, with my free time, I usually relax and watch TV, play video games (classic N64 lol), and rent and watch DVDs from NetFlix.  Right now, I’m stoked for the U.S. release of Crystal Shawanda‘s new album (Dawn of a New Day) out Tuesday, August 19th. Anyway, I’m typing up this entry at home, and will copy and paste it when I get to the library. So here goes…

My twenty-ninth recommendation is: Loretta Lynn’s “Miss Being Mrs.” from her 2004 Van Lear Rose album.  I dunno how it took me so long to spotlight this great legend, but I think she’s the perfect person to come back with after my 2-3 week absence.   It’s hard to know where to begin with Miss Loretta Lynn. I don’t think I really knew her too well growing up in the ’90s.  I remember reading and hearing her name when my favorite artists would list their influences or their own personal favorites, and seeing her on TV for news and countdowns and such, so I grew intrigued.  Her music is so country and has a lot of spirit and attitude, and she’s so funny and kind to everybody.  What a woman.  I remember my mom loves her video for her duet, “Portland, Oregon”, with Jack White (of The White Stripes fame) because she thinks it’s cute how their relationship is like that of a grandmother and grandson.   I’ve always enjoyed Loretta’s wit, and how it shows in her songwriting and songs.  Her heartache songs are like no other, so I was definitely pulled towards that (also, it’s pretty damn cool that she’s Patty Loveless‘s distant cousin… or the other way around ;) ).

I believe the first time I heard “Miss Being Mrs.” was probably during an awards show when Vince Gill was sitting playing guitar by her (don’t remember what year that was).   Unfortunately, I didn’t really listen to it, and I wasn’t crazy over Loretta by that time, nor did I know her too well.  The first time I really listened to the song was when I was the music video on TV (I’m a very visual person).  Man, it is an amazing video and captures the message of the song very well.  The song is, of course, written by Loretta, and portrays like a letter of her feelings of emptiness and sadness that came with the death of her husband, “Mooney” Lynn (or “Doo” as she called him too).  Even the title is pretty cleverly worded.  The simple acoustic arrangement accompanies Lynn’s strong emotional vocals in this heartbreaking tune, done in traditional country-style. The highlight of the song is the chorus, when Loretta lets it all out: “Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight.  Oh, and how I loved them lovin’ arms that once held me so tight…” with the acoustic guitar chords played by Jack White channeling all that pain. The video shows Lynn and White in Lynn’s mansion with a dark, empty tone to it, and it’s full of gloom.  She really really loved her husband, despite the troubles they dealt with, and the song is a nice tribute to him.

The album, Van Lear Rose, has had many praise by critics and fans a like about everywhere I look, and it should be.   I myself do not own the album, but own like three of the songs.   I’m not totally blown away by the other song clips I’ve heard, but it sounds like a fine fine album, and I’m so glad it won GRAMMY awards and brought Loretta back into the spotlight amongst the mainstream.  I love how all these recent “odd pairings” over the years of country legends/artists and rock icons have proven to be brilliant (Krauss & Plant, Emmylou & Knopfler, Loveless & Seger, and even Cash & Rubin, and more). Another song from the album that I own and really enjoy is the steel-heavy “Trouble On the Line”.  Other top favorites from Loretta would be “Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)”, “Will You Visit Me On Sunday?” (duet with Marty Stuart), “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, “After the Fire Is Gone” (duet with Conway Twitty), “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)”, and on.  Hopefully, I can see her live in concert someday!  Currently, she’s working on two albums.

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song on iTunes now!

Here are the full lyrics to “Miss Being Mrs.”, written by Loretta Lynn:

I lie here all alone
In my bed of memories
I’m dreaming of your sweet kiss
Oh, how you loved on me
I can almost feel you with me
Here in this blue moonlight
Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight

Like so many other hearts
Mine wanted to be free
I’ve been held here every day
Since you’ve been away from me
My reflection in the mirror
It’s such a hurtful sight
Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight
Oh, and how I loved them loving arms
That once held me so tight
I took off my wedding band
And put it on my right hand
I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight
Oh, and how I loved them loving arms
That once held me so tight
I took off my wedding band
And put it on my right hand
I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh I miss being Mrs. tonight



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  1. Great post! It’s nice to have you back, if only for one post for now.

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