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For this entry, I wanted to highlight my side blog links (just because they inspire me so, and if you read this blog, I’m sure you’ll like these too!).  I am lovin’ how popular blogs are these days.

(the above pic was taken with my camera phone because I couldn’t find any pics online that I wanted to use for this entry, so I just took a pic of Country Universe – the Pam Tillis feature to be exact lol – and as you can see, and what I just realized, is that my room is not lighted too pleasantly haha and it’s messy, but just ignore that.  It may be the cheapest looking pic I’ve ever used on this site, but it works… I think.)

From my Blogroll:

> City Girl, Country Girl :

– I dunno what happened with the site.  Now it’s a protected blog, and you need to login to get access.  I really like it.  I’m going to keep it up, anyway, because hopefully someday it is open to the public again.

> CMT Blog :

– I really like CMT.com’s blog, because it has a lot of different viewpoints (though some of them, I strongly disagree with, and the “Link Ray” posts can be annoying because those ones seem to highlight the already overrated artists – how many times do we have to read about Taylor Swift, seriously? –  but there is interesting news in them, regardless).  Lots of cool stuff available there.

> Country Mike :

– This is Mike Sudhalter’s blog, a fellow country music fan, who shows a lot of enthusiasm for the music he likes, and offers cool insights on different things.  I usually agree with him, and he likes most of the same artists as me, so check his blog out (I wish there was a “comment” section to his posts though!).  His blog is part of Country Standard Time (I’ll get to them later).

> Country Music Central :

– All entries are written by “cowboybleau”, filled with plenty of detail and lots of reviews (so many that I don’t have enough time to read them all!).  He recently redid the look and format of his blog and it looks even better.  His most recent entry is about Ray Scott’s latest album.

> Country Music Stop :

– Full of lots of breaking news and information with country music, and thoughtful opinions and cool youtube links.  Their “Flashback Fridays” features are pretty damn creative.  The most recent post is about an old Collin Raye hit.

> Country Universe :

– My personal favorite – I can’t get enough of it!  As you will notice with my blog, I usually link to it because I credit the site’s creator, Kevin, the most for inspiring me to make this blog, and to keep it going.  His reviews and opinions about all sorts of topics, and different features, like his “100 Greatest Women” countdown, are talked about all over the country music online community it seems, and he’s got incredible taste in music, like me.  Leeann, another contributor to the site, joined Kevin in the blog some months back and, like wise, has insightful and delightful thoughts about country.  I may not always agree with both of them, but the site is full of many people and their comments, and it’s a growing community day by day.  I’m glad I knew of his site long long ago when it was not as well known, and on Blogger (that was years ago).  The current entry is the “Monday Open Thread: Greatest Album Titles“.

> Mightycountry’s Weblog :

– I really really enjoy reading this blog.  It’s written by Jordan Stacey, who is Native American, just like me, and the blog is really easy to read and you can relate to it.  He really knows his music, and you can see how passionate he is about it in his writing.  His latest entry is “Vs. #1: Redneck Pride Songs“, which compares songs by Jason Aldean and Little Big Town.

> Nashville Gab :

– This is run by Shannon, and is one of the newest blogs I’ve come across.  Offers country music news with funny and reflective posts with pictures and videos (and some that are kinda random lol).  I’ll definitely keep coming back for more!  Latest post is about Kenny Loggins.

> Nashville Now :

– Mike’s blog.  Mike has a very likable writing style and his posts are always pleasing to read.  His last post was about Rissi Palmer’s latest single, but that was back in early June, so hopefully he continues to write more.

> Roughstock :

– I love the layout to this site.  It looks so professional and user-friendly.  I’m surprised it isn’t more popular because a lot of work is put into it.  The latest post asks: “Is Country Music In Trouble?”, and I’d say, yes, it definitely is.  Matt Bjorke runs the site.

> Squinty Dan’s :

– Written by a fellow young country music fan, Squinty Dan, and strong opinions with humor (and random stuff as well haha).  I like the real laid-back feel it has.  He seems kinda crazy, but that’s cool, and it’s good good stuff.  Newest entry reviews a new song by Kristy Lee Cook.

> Take Country Back :

– I admit, I don’t read this one as much as the other blogs, but it’s a good site to read a whole different perspective on country music (this one focuses on non-mainstream material, “alternative country/americana”), and while I may not know some of the artists they talk about, I find it enjoyable to read.  I support sites like that.  Their last entry in mid-April was about Chris Gaffney.

> The 9513 :

– The second site I check out most often.  Packed with country music news, articles, reviews, and discussion (like Country Universe).  I think I was there in the beginning too!  With posts by Brady, Brody, Matt C, Jim, and Ben: who could ask for more?  Latest entry about new news. (I gotta say, while I liked Country Nation, this site is much much better).


O.K.  Time to log out.  Gotta get to sleep (or at least, attempt to!)

Current listening to: “Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve (great song, love those strings)



  1. Hey, thanks bunches for the mention. Shannon

  2. Thank you as well, I’m planning to try to write more often.

  3. It’s true, I am kinda crazy. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! And thanks for the shout-out, dude.

  4. Hey, thanks for the shout out. It’s cool to be a part of your favorite blog!:) Furthermore, it’s awesome that you dedicate a post to your favorite blogs; it’s a nice way to spread the love. If I haven’t already said it, I love your site. I’m glad you’re posting regularly these days.:)

  5. I concur with Leeann. The shout-outs to CU are always humbling and very much appreciated. You’re doing awesome work here, even if it gets a little expensive reading this site. I always end up downloading something!

  6. Hi, Shannon,

    Would hope to get a link to my country music blog, ggcolumn, at http://www.ggcolumn.blogspot.com

    I’ve already linked you up on mine….

    Thank you for your consideration,


  7. Haha, no problem fellow bloggers. I have a strong likeness for your sites, so I had to share them with others who might not be aware of them. I could start doing “Blog Recommendation” features just like my song ones lol…

    Hi Grant! I check out your site and it looks really good. Never have seen it before. I’ll for sure add it to my blogroll. Btw, my name is “CF”. Shannon’s site is “Nashville Gab” (= .

  8. Thanks for the nod! We appreciate it.

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