Recommendation XXV: Josh Turner

Today for 4th of July, I wanted to do a recommendation that was connected to the day in some way, shape, or form. I went through my list of potential recommendations to post about, and then went through my iTunes to see songs and artists I might have missed, and I didn’t have any typical patriotic songs set up, but then I saw it and knew it was about perfect.  I’ll get back to that later in the post, though. What are you up to for today?  Any special festivities you’ve got planned/already celebrated so far?  All I’ve done so far is worked, deposited my paycheck, and am now online reading things lol – no fireworks, no barbecues, or the like for me – definitely not an exciting Independence Day for me, but everything is fine.  I was going to take my mom out to dinner tonight but my plans fell through and it will not work out, but I still plan to celebrate the day as an American and probably watch TV tonight to check out what’s going on in the nation.  Back to the music… last year, my post was “Recommendation #13: Lee Ann Womack” and now here’s my latest…

My twenty-fifth recommendation is: Josh Turner’s “The Longer the Waiting (The Sweeter the Kiss)” from his 2007 Everything Is Fine album.  Back last year in late 2007, I won a free album download from The 9513 in a contest (along with 39 other people) and I chose this album from Josh Turner (there were some other choices but from what I heard of this one, it sounded good and plus, I loved “Firecracker”).  I’ve been a fan of Josh’s since I heard his deep baritone voice gravel through his bluegrass-ish debut single, “Long Black Train”, and I’ve liked all his singles since then – he’s pure country and couldn’t be taken for anything else (I say “pure country”, meaning, despite some of his songs having a pop/ac-sound to them, his heart and soul are dedicated to country, and most of his catalog is traditional stuff anyway).  He, and Brad Paisley, I’d say, are our younger modern-day real country saviors who keep the mainstream format from going to hell, and I’m proud to be a fan of this South Carolina guy.

I listed to Everything Is Fine and knew that “The Longer the Waiting…” was something special (lots of other reviewers seem to gravitate toward the track as well).  I chose this one because of its soldier-like theme in the lyrics and I consider it a tribute to the military heroes we have today and the harsh realities they go through by being away from home.  Though I was considering doing a “Double-shot” with Turner (the other song would have probably been “What It Ain’t” as a great miss-hit), I just couldn’t today because it seemed like it would take away from the significance of the track.  Whenever I listen to this song, it saddens me: it reads like a letter written back to a loved one about how he plans to make up for the time he was gone because of his duty, but if he fails to return, he grants her permission to carry on and marry another just so she could continue being happy.  It’s more of a universal theme and not just limited to soldier life, and could be applied to any person leaving a loved one and their optimism for the future, despite their current situation.  The production of this slow-tempo tune consists of acoustic guitar, mandolin, steel, some piano, upright bass, drums, and the most significant instrument: the bagpipes.  The bagpipes add to the power of the lyrics, especially when played at the end, because of what the playing of bagpipes usually mean with funerals and all.

The lyrics remind me a lot of Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, with Odysseus’s 20 year (?) journey back home to Ithaca to reunite his wife, Penelope and his son, Telemachus, who he left to fight the Trojan War.  He had to endure a lot (yes, A LOT) of pain and sorrow to get back to them, and the waiting was worth it because his return came just at the right time.  Only difference is that he wouldn’t want Penelope to marry anybody else because all those suitors were jerks and wanted his kingdom lol.

Anyway, I think this song is a good tribute to soldiers and their hard way of life, and is a good track to recommend for today, on our Independence Day.  Whether or not, you believe in this war we’re in, we don’t really realize how hard it must be for the men and women over there fighting for a cause.  I hope they come home and return to their loved ones soon.  God Bless them and everybody today **== .

Thanks for reading!

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Here are the full lyrics to “The Longer the Waiting (The Sweeter the Kiss)”, written by Pat McLaughlin & Roger Cook:

Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
It’s better my darling, I promise you this
The next time I hold you, I’m not letting go
Will you wait for me darling? I need to know

Well, you know I’m a sailor and tomorrow we sail
It’s a hard way of living but I know it well
And if I surrender my life to the sea
You can marry another. It’s alright with me

Though, we won’t be together again ’til the spring
Just imagine the treasures I’ll bring

Come lay with me, stay with me, soon I’ll be gone
I will remember you all winter long
And when I return to the one that I miss
Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
The sweeter the kiss

When the mornings are warm and the valleys are green
I’ll come back from wherever I’ve been

Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
It’s better my darling, I promise you this
The next time I hold you, I’m not letting go
I will give up the ocean forever, I know
Forever I know

Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
It’s better my darling, I promise you this
The next time I hold you, I’m not letting go
I will give up the ocean forever, I know
Forever, I know



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