Updates on iCF Music, music in general, and me!

(The title is a bit over-excited but whatever lol) I’m currently sitting on my bed at home, and it’s 2:43am in the morning, and I don’t wanna go to sleep until maybe an hour later (I don’t have work tomorrow, so I don’t have to worry about that, though I am getting tired…:p ).  I’ve spent a good portion of the night working on this blog because I want to show I’m committed to it and will update whenever I can (plus, I’m really enjoying it…I love using WordPress – much MUCH better than Blogger.  (If anybody’s thinking of blogging, start with WordPress.  Thank God Kevin suggested the switch.)

What’s with the picture on the left you ask?  I just thought it looked cool and wanted to use it lol.  Tonight, I made a new recommendation entry (#24) with Trisha Yearwood that you can read by scrolling down AND I spent a bunch of time fixing all the old blog entries and adding some new links to them as well.  They look much better IMO (I don’t know how it looks on Internet Explorer though, because recently I made the browser switch to the new Mozilla Firefox 3 and let me tell you: incredible! and I ain’t looking back ;) ).  This blog looked weird on IE and I noticed it looked fine when I switched over, and I’m very impressed with everything so far.  Another thing I worked on with the blog is the new “Recommendations Directory” page, which can be found at the top right of the blog anytime.  I created it so it would be easier to navigate through all the recommendations.  It took me a while because of all the links and stuff, so I hope it comes to good use :) .

Some recent things that have made me happy to discover lately (and I’m gonna keep it brief because I do not run a news site lol, nor do I plan to):

  • iTunes has Lee Ann Womack‘s latest single, “Last Call” up for download now.  Can’t wait for her upcoming album, Call Me Crazy.  Should be her best release yet, especially with another collaboration with the man, George Strait.
  • According to Saguaro Road Records, Patty Loveless‘s new record label, Patty’s upcoming album will be released on September 9th, 2008 (Woo-hoo!  Another thing to look forward to besides going back to school :D ).  She also some tour dates planned, with some already set up.  Check out PL fan site, Patty Loveless Net for the latest.
  • On Monday, the first teaser trailer for the next James Bond 007 movie (#22), “Quantum of Solace” was released online and man, oh man (*enter explicitive* – turn away conservative folk lol) … I’m excited as ever for it.  It looks like it will top “Casino Royale” for my favorite movie of all time.  It comes out to theaters in the U.S. on November 7th, 2008!  Daniel Craig is the man (along with Strait, of course).  All other QOS news can be found here at MI6.
  • Speaking of movies, I really want to see “The Dark Knight” (the new Batman follow-up) when it comes out on the 18th.  I recently (finally) saw “Batman Begins” about a week ago through NetFlix and loved it.  Christian Bale is great and I can’t wait to see Heath Ledger play the role of The Joker.
  • In other music stuff, I’ve been listening to the alternative/indie rock radio station here a lot lately like I mentioned before (I’m actually listening right now) and I’m becoming more and more into it.  Outside of the country music world, I’m really digging the (latest?) singles by Maroon 5 & Rihanna (their duet), OneRepublic, Weezer, Chris Brown, 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park, and Carolina Liar.  Good stuff.

Anyway, I just want to post my thoughts about some things randomly and let you get to know me a little bit more.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you enjoy the blog!


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