Recommendation XX: George Strait

I am aware of my blogging tendencies – no need to tell me – I am aware :-\ . Maybe subconsciously, I feel like I need to wait a month in between posting new recommendations? I really don’t know!… Anyway, I had a tough time deciding on who to spotlight with #20, but I knew I wanted to choose a guy, so then I remembered that George Strait (my absolute #1) is about to release a new album this upcoming April 1st called Troubadour, and my eyes lit up and my ears perked up: I have made my decision.

My twentieth recommendation is: George Strait’s “You’re Stronger Than Me” from his 2000 George Strait album. It’d hard to believe it took so long for George Strait to finally release a self-titled album after all those preceding years of success but he finally did in the dawn of the twenty-first century with this CD. This was actually the FIRST country album I’ve ever owned (yes, it took me quite some time to get into it!) and I bought it through the BMG Music Service online and man, oh man, am I glad I did. At first listen, I wasn’t totally impressed with the music (at that time, it was my re-introduction back to country music, and the album is full of slow-paced tunes, so give me a break! lol) but I do remember that I really enjoyed the more traditional numbers, like “You’re Stronger Than Me”. Side-track: I’m not really crazy with the artwork for the cover though…I wish they didn’t choose to design it that way, but it is a nice picture of GS.

“You’re Stronger Than Me” right from the get-go, just pulls you in with it’s alluring steel guitar and swaying twin fiddles. This is how country music should sound like! I didn’t know at the time that it was a remake/cover of Patsy Cline and Ray Price, but knowing that now, I’m not surprised – the old-school phrasing and that pure country sound with George’s always-captivating country vocals, is what makes this song so damn good. It’s funny how a song with lyrics about despair can make you feel so good haha. It’s also not very common for a man to admit that his ex can handle a lot more than he can, emotionally, so this is a delightful surprise of a song for George to sing. It takes a lot for a guy to admit that because truth is, it happens to a lot of us sometimes, but we’re too full of pride to confess it.

The production: steel, fiddles, honky-tonk piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums…it has a slight Nashville sound to it, but I’d still consider it traditional country. The music reminds me of when I was young and being at the rodeo, for some reason. Anyone hear Rebecca Lynn Howard’s cover of this song on the Patsy Cline tribute album? It’s totally different than any other versions, I’ll give you that. This is truly one of the best songs on the George Strait album, which I think is not discussed enough, even by Strait fans. I don’t think the album was a big hit commercially but it has some good songs on it throughout. My other favorites being: “Home Improvement”, “If You Can Do Anything Else” (which was the first single from this album if I’m not mistaken), “Don’t Make Me Come Over There and Love You”, and “Looking Out My Window Through the Pain”. I truthfully had a tough deciding what album to pick a song from…another huge contender was from the It Just Comes Natural and The Road Less Traveled albums, but I’m glad I chose this one because it is what helped reestablish my love for country music and add to my love for George Strait’s music. Strait is the best and I totally love his latest single, “I Saw God Today”.

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song here on iTunes now!

Here are the full lyrics to “You’re Stronger Than Me”, written by Hank Cochran & Jimmy Key:

If you are sincere, when you say you don’t care
That we should just let the past be
If the love that we knew, don’t bother you
Darlin’, you’re stronger than me

And if still loving you means I’m weak, then I’m weak
And I still fall apart when you speak, or we meet
If the love that we knew, don’t bother you
Darlin’, you’re stronger than me.

If you can have fun with some other one
No thought of what used to be
If it’s easy to say that it’s better this way
Darlin’, you’re stronger than me

And if still loving you means I’m weak, then I’m weak
And I still fall apart when you speak, or we meet
If the love that we knew, don’t bother you
Darlin’, you’re stronger than me

Darlin’, you’re stronger than me…

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  2. I want to buy the cd that has the song “You’re Stronger Than Me” It is from an album called George Strait. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Many thanks Veronica Roche

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