Recommendation XIX: Amber Dotson

Hi (I say, yet another month later lol)…I got to explain something. Sometimes I do have some time to write a new recommendation but I don’t because if I did, if it’s too close to the date of my last entry, it seems like it takes away the significance of the former and I just don’t want to do that. I’m thinking I really need to expand on my blog and not limit myself just to the recommendations (for some reason, that sentence made me – randomly – think of the episode of “Seinfeld” when George and Elaine are coming up with the exporting/importing “cover-up” for Susan…haha). Anyway, my class for this evening was put off until tomorrow night, so I’ve got some time and then back to work. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot from The 9513 and Country Universe and they inspired me to write another entry today…there’s always fun and thought-provoking conversations going on over at both sites.

My nineteenth recommendation is: Amber Dotson’s “I Ain’t Your Mama” from her 2005 I Ain’t Your Mama – Single album on iTunes. I don’t recall the first time I’ve heard this bluesy-n-gritty voice from Ms. Dotson. I think I slightly was familiar with her debut single (called “I’ll Try Anything” – a more contemporary traditional country tune) and I liked her. I remember that she opened for George Strait and I thought she’d make it big, but she never really went further (and I really can’t believe that was just ’05 I’m talking about…feels like long ago). I don’t think it was until I heard “I Ain’t Your Mama” that I really got more interested in Amber Dotson. Click here to read her bio and some interesting facts and answers.

“I Ain’t Your Mama” is one of the funniest country songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics are clever and Dotson sings it with the playful and attitude it calls for. The song is about a recently married bride telling her man that just because they’re married, she’s not going to take care of everything like his mother does – he’s not a little boy, he’s a man, and she ain’t his mama. My favorite line is: ” so you’re hungry for spaghetti / well, baby, don’t look at me ” hahaha. It’s a rocking country uptempo with plenty of electric guitar, drums, and some sweet fiddle work. If some other mainstream “country” female sang it, it would not be as good and could be dismissed as trying to be too cute, but not with Amber’s delivery. Her voice has a lot of soul and is like a modern-day vocal mixture of Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, Lorrie Morgan, and Loretta Lynn (she’s within good company, I’d say ;) ).

Amber is another one of those promising female vocalists of recent years who should have been big, but radio didn’t take to her kinda music. Of the newer female singers, I’m hoping to see bigger and better things for Ashton Shepherd, Sarah Johns, and Ashley Monroe. They, as well as Amber, for the most part, are neo-traditionalists in a female pop-country-infected world with the likes of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Kellie Pickler. While the song I recommended may be pop-country as well: it showcases good pop-country when done well and with soul. I myself love me some pop-country but only so much, and it’s quite clear that mainstream radio has way too much of the crappy stuff on there, so I think it’s time that true country females get their deserved airplay. So if you want to hear a good rockin’ country song, listen to “I Ain’t Your Mama”.

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song here on iTunes now!

Here are the full lyrics to “I Ain’t Your Mama” (I’m not sure who wrote it):

I still had rice in my hair, still had stars in my eyes
When I started picking up your underwear tonight
There they were on the floor when I woke up today
If you don’t pick ’em up, I’m gonna throw ’em away
Oh, I know I call you “baby”…
But that’s just a figure of speech

I ain’t your mama
Oh, I love you to death, but I didn’t take you to raise
I ain’t your mama
But I know why she gave you away

You like to stroll in from work, have your supper at five
Oh, I used to be a sucker for those big pretty eyes
Well, the kitchen’s all yours, mister, you got two hands
It’s time for you to learn to work a pot and a pan
So you’re hungry for spaghetti
Well, baby, don’t look at me

I ain’t your mama
Oh, I love you to death, but I didn’t take you to raise
I ain’t your mama
But I know why she gave you away

It ain’t like you ain’t good to me
You’re as cute as you can be
I know you’re used to doing what you wanna
But I ain’t your mama
Sorry, baby

Oh yeah, I wanna make love
But you can make the bed up…
Oh, I love you to death, but I didn’t take you to raise
I ain’t your mama
But I know why she gave you away



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