Recommendation XVII: Rebecca Lynn Howard

Hello all, I am back with a new recommendation! I’ve been thinking about this one for a while since my last entry and I’ve always had this next song on my list: there was never any doubt that I would use it. But, before that, I’ve got to give out another shout-out to The 9513 (which has recently been redesigned) for their very fine gift to me: a digital copy of Josh Turner‘s latest album, Everything Is Fine. They gave it to me for free, because I simply made a post at their site for their one-year anniversary and I won randomly, along with thirty-nine other people! I had thought about giving away select free iTunes music before, but I never knew how to do it, so that gave me some ideas for later, so check back for that ;-). With Thanksgiving coming around so soon, this next recommendation is somewhat related because it deals with a very special member of the family who one cannot thank enough: Mom.

My seventeenth recommendation is: Rebecca Lynn Howard’s “No One’ll Ever Love Me” from her 2005 No One’ll Ever Love Me – Single album on iTunes. This is the first song that I’ve ever reviewed that is just a single and not part of any released album, and it’s available right through iTunes, so you better get it fast, in case iTunes ever takes it off. I was first introduced to Rebecca Lynn Howard‘s music through her (only) hit radio single, “Forgive” years ago. Even though, I don’t really consider that song that country, it was a superb way to highlight her fascinating power country vocals to the audience, and I really liked the video that came with it. After hearing the song a considerable amount on the radio, I already liked her, and eventually, I heard her duet with Ronnie Dunn on “If I Could Only Win Your Love” and WOW…such a traditional country song and so catchy with their vocals and the honky-tonk feel (the duet is from the immensely awesomeness of the Livin’, Lovin’, Losin’: Songs of the Louvin Brothers tribute album, which I’ll choose a song from later on in a future entry). Anyway, Rebecca is severely underrated and you can hear more of her vocal work on her debut self-titled album and Forgive, and other projects, like background harmonies in Patty Loveless‘s Mountain Soul and Vince Gill‘s These Days.

I first heard “No One’ll Ever Love Me” when Rebecca sang it on the Grand Ole Opry some years ago, and the lyrics and her vocal delivery just hit me. Hit me hard. I think the first time I saw it, I might have been watching it alone, and when a repeat of the show came on, I wanted to watch it with my mom, so she could hear the song too. When I watched it with my mom, I remember I was sitting close to the TV while my mom was sitting behind me at the dining room table. I was silently tearing up during the performance and would not turn around. Not many songs make me cry, but this one just does it about every time, and even though I’m a guy, I’ll still admit to that. The song is about a grown-up adult remembering how her mother took care of her and loved her like nobody else as a child, and the song turns to a somber note when we discover that the narrator is visiting the mother on her birthday, but the mother has passed away, and she’s talking to her grave the whole time. That really hit me because I was not expecting that and I put myself in that place and how I would feel if I lost my mother and it just made tears come down my face. The sweet and honest vocal delivery from Rebecca, along with gentle playing of the piano and the moaning steel guitar in this song, highly contribute to the mood of the ballad. I would consider the song a mix between traditional country and contemporary: why it was not a huge hit is beyond me. It’s one of country music biggest lost hits.

While I drove over here to college with my mother and sister back in September, “No One’ll Ever Love Me” came on my iTunes shuffle in the car, and my mom was sitting in the passenger seat. I didn’t want to change it because I wanted to hear it with her there. I remember that while it played, I put myself in the song again, and tears started coming down my face again, with my sunglasses covering some of them. I didn’t say anything and I’m pretty sure my mom noticed because all three of us were in complete silence and I was sniffling a bit. It really makes you think about how much your mother, or parent/s do for you, and how you should show your love and appreciation for them, before it’s too late. My mom has done many things for me throughout my life: like raising my sister and I, totally by herself, and paying a lot for my college tuition. I will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with her this year because plane tickets are too expensive, and it makes me feel bad now because I know that’s not what she wanted. She is going to drive back home to Arizona by herself and have dinner with our family, so I hope and pray she’ll be fine and she’ll have a great time with her own mom and dad and other relatives. Even through her and my many arguments and conflicts, I have so much more to thank her for what she has done for me and I do surely know, and I’m not being pessimistic or anything, but I know that no one will ever love me the way she has and does. So, I just wanted to share some of my personal story with the song and hope that people can learn from the lyrics and take what they can from the song, and love before it’s too late.

Thanks for reading!

Buy the song here on iTunes now!

Here are the full lyrics to “No One’ll Ever Love Me”, written by Christi Baker, Shari Baker, & Kelly Shiver:

You taught me how to whistle
And how to tie my shoes
And how to talk to Jesus
In the darkness of my room
You held my hand, when I got stitches
When one of Tommy Tyler’s pitches
Hit my face
One time, I stole from your purse
Then I lied, and made it worse
But you loved me anyway…

Growing up
I remember your amazing grace
I still feel your arms around me now and then
I miss you waving from the front door
I can’t drive by there, anymore
‘Cause no one’ll ever love me
Like that again

You sent me all those letters
When I went off to school
I should’ve written you back
But I was too busy being cool
Funny how I couldn’t wait
To get you on the phone to say
“Mom, I’m in love”
You were there whether or not
I gave a little or a lot
It was enough

I can still hear you saying
You’re proud of me
And I remember thinking of you as my friend
I miss you waving from the front door
I can’t drive by there, anymore
‘Cause no one’ll ever love me
Like that again

I guess I miss you more today
‘Cause it’s your birthday
And I couldn’t bear for you to spend it here alone
Wish I could say this to your face
Instead of talking to your name carved in stone

I can still hear you saying
You’re proud of me
And I can feel your arms around me now and then
There’s a hole in my heart
In the shape of you, Mom
‘Cause no one’ll ever love me
No one’ll ever love me
Like that again…



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