iCF Single Reviews #1

Hey all, I thought I’d try this out! Following this, here are my short reviews of some singles, all available on iTunes. Click the title of the song to buy it:

“He Hates Me” – Sarah Johns
This is currently iTunes‘ Free Single of the Week, so you gotta check it out and download it while you can! I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s already and I’m so glad that this newcomer has arrived and is making such great, real country music. She hooked me in instantly with her debut single, “The One In the Middle” and after I heard clips of her album, Big Love In a Small Town, I had to buy it the day it came out (Aug 28th, 2007). I’m not sure what her next radio single will be, but I thought I’d comment on this one since it’s on iTunes for FREE and it’s great. 4 stars out of 5.
Listen (30-sec clip).

“Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” – Robert Plant w/ Alison Krauss
I heard about their to-be collaboration months ago and was interested. I do admit, though, I didn’t know who Robert Plant was but knew he was from another genre and was famous (I know…I’m bad about that). Anyway, once I heard this song, I was just amazed at how well it works so well. It is not a country song: it’s very much in the style of the Beatles, which is not surprising since it’s a remake of an Everly Bros. tune. It just rocks and I just love their vocals together with that classic rock sound. This is definitely an album to llok forward to. Their CD, Raising Sand comes out October 23rd, 2007. 5 stars out of 5.
Listen (30-sec clip).

“Rollin’ with the Flow” – Mark Chesnutt
I just had to give a shout-out to Mark with this one. When I first he was going to release another country remake, I wasn’t entirely thrilled since I wanted new material, but this one was quite a surprise. Charlie Rich originally sang this and had a hit with it, and you can tell from the Nashville instrumentation of strings and steel guitar working together. When I saw him at the Grizzly Rose about a month and a half ago, he sang this one with a lot of heart. I know country radio didn’t touch it, but no surprise: they suck (for the most part). 3.5 stars out of 5.
Listen (30-sec clip).

“Joy Ride” – Jennifer Hanson
Jennifer is one of my favorites from the newer generation of country artists. She’s really versatile in the styles she sings and she’s an excellent songwriter. Her latest single is very pop/rock-oriented with not much of a country sound in it, except for her somewhat-twangy voice and the banjo, but it’s really catchy and had me singing along in no time: “na, na, na…”. I really like the video with her and her friend taking their joyride through the desert (looks like Utah or Arizona to me?). 4 stars out of 5. Listen (30-sec clip).

“Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love” – Trisha Yearwood
Oh man…what a song to come back with! Ah, I love uptempo Trisha! This one really showcases her bluesy vocals and proves that she can jam and rock like the best of them. It’s absolutely catchy and one of the BEST singles of 2007! It really reminds me of her older work, for some reason. If they had just added a steel guitar and fiddle, and ditched the organ and had less electric guitar, it could easily be a rockin’ honky-tonker, IMO. Can’t wait for her upcoming album of the same name, out Nov 13th! I gotta add too: she looks smokin’ hot on the video! 5 stars out of 5.
Listen (30-sec clip).


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