Recommendation X: Pam Tillis & John Anderson

O.K. I’m back (well, I never really left, but I had to take a two-week hiatus – I myself can’t believe it’s been that long since my last blog entry – because I’ve been super-busy with school work, social life, and anything else left over. I’ve also been somewhat lazy and spending a good amount of time playing video games on N64 with friends lol, but don’t let that throw you off the blog – I know my music and I’m pretty smart!) I did, however, know all this time what album I was going to choose a song from to highlight for this entry. My only problem was choosing which song to do for this one, since it’s such a great album.

My tenth recommendation is: Pam Tillis & John Anderson’s duet, “Life Sure Has Changed Us Around” from Pam’s 2007 Rhinestoned album. This is a special selection because of different reasons: 1. it’s a first here because I have not showcased a duet here before, 2. this album is highly-acclaimed by many people – everywhere I look, everybody loves it, so choosing one song was difficult, and 3. Kevin from Country Universe has been waiting for me to pick a song from Rhinestoned for quite some time lol.

This is Pam Tillis‘s first album in years and off of Stellar Cat Records, a new independent label. It’s pretty clear in the music that Pam had the freedom to sing and record what she wanted and not have to worry about people trying to control her and what she did. With this duet, right from the get-go, it sounds so simple and so good with the acoustic guitar, bass-driven sound, with the fiddle (sounding train-like even). It’s so amazing that both these legends have actually made a song together: I mean, these two very distinctive vocalists have created such a catchy mid-tempo tune for all of us to hear. It’s almost unbelievable.  Can’t go wrong with Pam and John Anderson.  I like how the lyrics are about two friends looking back at the past and what they used to do, and how they lived and learned from those experiences, and how different life became to be. I’m sure the two can relate to that and that’s what makes the song even better: knowing that they can actually sing and talk about it and mean it. Pam co-wrote the song, so that too contributes to my favoritism towards this song! haha. I just can’t get over how good their voices are together and I love the bluegrass sound: that fiddle, mandolin, dobro, guitar, and bass – it adds to the whole indie-label + better music + more talent argument.

Back to the album as a whole, this song, along with “Band In the Window”, “Train Without a Whistle” (excellent fiddle part), “Down By the Water”, “Something Burning Out” are definitely worth checking out! I just love traditional country, so those songs are made exactly for my ears. I like some of the other songs on the album, and I really am hooked on it: I listen to it about everyday, especially “Band…” when I need a real country uptempo to make my day better. The duet is one of the songs you must get! I apologize for not having all of the lyrics for this one, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure them out when you listen to it.

Thanks for reading!

Buy it here on iTunes now!

“Life Sure Has Changed Us Around” was written by Pam Tillis & Gary Nicholson.

Pam: It’s sure good to see you again, my old friend
I can see the years unraveling in your mind
This all coming back in a flash flood of memories
You were my favorite partner in crime.

John: Remember how the Purple Cow was way outside of town?
But the city’s all grown up around it now
They used to put [?] and drive around and look for trouble
Both: And trouble wasn’t all that hard to find…

P: Well, life sure has changed us around
J: Yeah, life sure has changed us around
Both: We thought we’d get off easy
But that ain’t how it went down
J: Life sure has changed us around
P: Well, life sure has changed us around.

J: Through the missing years, we swaggered
Through all the jobs on Broadway
Our glad rags were always second hand
Doing all the things we don’t want out kids to do
We didn’t have a clue, much less, a plan.

P: Well, now, they’re still telling stories about our wild adventures
How we painted this town red and shades of [?]
Took the long way home, now I’m sitting here with you
Both: Feeling lucky to be sitting here, at all.

J: Well, life sure has changed us around
P: Life sure has changed us around
Both: We thought it’d be so simple
But that ain’t how it went down
P: Life sure has changed us around
J: Life sure has changed us around

J: Our sins were not original, but we gave them our own twist
P: Life flashed us a backstage pass and how could we resist?

Both: Oh, life sure has changed us around
Life sure has changed us around
J: Yeah, all the time we lived it up, we just about lived it down
P: Life sure has changed us around
Both: Oh, life sure has changed us around…




  1. I really love this track. Anderson’s voice blends seamlessly with Tillis, and it’s so well-written. I’m thrilled that you’re digging the album. Since you’re a traditional country fan, it’s the perfect Pam project for ya.

    For the record, there’s no shame in N64 distracting you from blogging. My blog posts slowed down considerably when I started playing Super Paper Mario. I keep waiting for more N64 games to hit the Wii Virtual Console. I really want to get the original Paper Mario and Goldeneye.

  2. I do listen to it a whole lot, man! Great stuff!

    Hahaha…Goldeneye is awesome. I haven’t played that in a while since it’s really only fun now if you play multiplayer (but even that can get old with all these other better multiplayers coming along with more features). I’m really interested in the Wii. I have yet to play with one, though I have seen people play it before.

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