Recommendation V: Diamond Rio

Alright: I’m back! I apologize for not updating this blog regularly: it’s been almost two weeks since that last one, and I’ve been really busy with Spring Break and coming back with a whole lot of class work to do (I still have work to do tonight: three papers, but I knew I had to do a new one, or I’d lose my audience lol). I still have tons more songs I am going to showcase and ideas to go with, so I really am going to try to do much more work with this! Looking back at the past four reviews, I know I needed to change it up even more for variety’s sake, so I decided to go with a group this time:

My fifth recommendation is: Diamond Rio’s “You’ll Find Me” from their 2002 Completely album. My sister actually bought this album for my mom because my mom loves their song and radio single, “Beautiful Mess”, and at the time, we only had a few albums to listen to in the car, so we’d listen to this one on road trips. I’m not going to lie, but when we first heard this album for the first few times, we didn’t really care for it too much. Even though, I love Diamond Rio a whole lot, especially for their radio singles in the ’90s, the album had to grow on me initially because I just wasn’t ready for it. Now, after listening to it several times, we can see that it’s just a really good album and has some great songs throughout. And of course, Diamond Rio’s harmonies/vocals and their playing are excellent on the songs.

“You’ll Find Me” is a great example of that. Right away, the piano introduction with the mandolin and guitar sounds really good, and then you hear Marty Roe‘s familiar vocals come in and it sounds so smooth. You soon realize that the song is about a wife leaving her husband a letter about her leaving, and writes that if he wants to see her again, he should know where to find her, testing his devotion and love to her, so ultimately, he does find her in the end. I think that it’s pretty clever and yes, a little corny, but with the catchy music in the background and their vocals, you just feel really happy that you’ve heard the song because of its greatness.

The song is more of a contemporary country tune (adult contemporary production for the most part), but Diamond Rio really can pull it off and make it country and not too pop-sounding. They also totally make it their own and give it their signature sound so you know it’s them, even with the different production than we’re used to hearing from them. They can sing about any style of country possible: as shown on this album (there’s two traditional country songs on it: “If You’d Like Some Lovin'” and “Make Sure You’ve Got It All”, which are both excellent as well) and some bluegrass-ish and pop-country tunes, and it proves they can do it all. The song I was actually originally thinking of reviewing was “A Better Idea”, but I decided to go with this one in the end.

Thanks for reading!

Buy it here on iTunes now!

Here are the lyrics to “You’ll Find Me” written by Tommy Conners & Vincent Williams:

Up and off to work again, going through the motions
I bet she tried to warn me and I didn’t even notice
‘Til I got home and found her gone
Left with just a letter
Folded with a key on top
Sitting on the dresser
I opened it
It simply read:

“Look and you’ll find me”
“I won’t be that far
I’ll be right here waiting for you with open arms
I don’t want to live without you
But I can’t go on like this
Torn between the man I love and the one I’m living with
It’s a conflict of emotion
To my heart, I must be true
I know that I need you
But you have to need me too
So if you get home and miss me in your life
You’ll find me”

I called her family asked everyone who knows her
Telling them in detail all the things I should have told her
How much she really means to me and how much I’m regretting
But so far no one’s heard from her and all that I am left with
Is how I let her go
And the letter she wrote saying “you’ll find me”

I spent the next eight hours, wondering where on earth you were
It was getting late, I was getting tired and growing more concerned
When all at once it hit me, that piano bar back home
Where I asked you to marry me
And there you were alone

I knew I would find you
And how it warmed my heart
To see you, right there, waiting for me with open arms
Said, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I can’t go on like this
The thought of life without you is something I just can’t live with
It’s a conflict of emotion
To my heart I must be true
You told me that you need me
Well, girl, I need you too
So if you come home and want me in your life
You’ll find me
You’ll find me”

You’ll find me



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  1. Love Diamond Rio! Love and respect most anything written by Tommy Conner and D. Vincent Williams.

    If you love DR might want to pick up the newest compilation cd “16 Biggest Hits” too. It’s many places now but I bought it off sonymusicstore

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