Recommendation II: Patty Loveless

O.K…here is the second blog entry: I typed this one up all of yesterday (Friday) and then I came back on this morning and saw that it had disappeared, so here I am writing it all over again. Anyway, thanks to all those who gave their feedback in the comments section and at other places! I really appreciate it!

My second recommendation is: Patty Loveless’s “Same Kind of Crazy” from her 2005 Dreamin’ My Dreams album. Patty is my #1 favorite female artist of all time: she’s just so awesome. She can sing a straight-up country song, a contemporary pop-country ballad, a southern rocker, or a down home mountain-soul bluegrass song, or whatever and her talent is just so good on different styles and she’s so versatile. And man…her voice! Just amazing and it has so much emotion! Ask any sophisticated country fan and they’ll tell you that Patty Loveless is one of the best. I had a hard time choosing a song for this second entry and had so many choices, but I went with a female (the best!) and a rockin’ country uptempo about the mutual insanity this couple in the song shares for one another. Also, it was really tough only selecting one song from this album because I try to review only one song and not the whole album, but really, the whole album is just incredible, and you’d love it, if you like traditional country, contemporary country, or bluegrass!

Back to the song, “Same Kind of Crazy”, from the really cool fiddle intro, and the groovy electric guitar and the drums soon accompanying it, it already sounds so great and you know it will be really catchy. Then her voice comes in with the words: ” Did you ever meet somebody that likes all the same things you do? ” and oh, man…she does sound amazing! The song makes you want to start dancing, or at least it will make you move in your seat to the beat. I remember how much I love her uptempos, especially the country-rockin’ ones with attitude like this one; songs like “Lovin’ All Night” and “I Wanna Believe”, and also her older 80’s and early ’90s stuff: the hillbilly southern rock stuff, like “Jealous Bone” even. Gotta love to hear that her crazy attitude is still in her music and she is still the fun, playful Patty we’ve always known.
Whenever I sing it, I replace all the “him”s with “her”s haha, and it’s really fun to sing along with because it’s so catchy and it seems like anyone would enjoy the song.

Thank you for reading!

Buy it here on iTunes now!

Here are the lyrics to “Same Kind of Crazy”, written by Gary Nicholson & Delbert McClinton:

Did you ever meet somebody that likes all the same things you do?
Somebody who can make you or break you, anytime they want to?
I met him at a red light, love at first sight, can it be true?
He’s good for me and he told me I was good for him, too

Now, I don’t want to jump into anything
I’ve been trying to use some self-restraint
But man, it’s amazing, he’s the same kind of crazy as me

I have to use a ladder ’cause I keep climbing down just to kiss him
If he’s out of my sight for a minute or two, I start to miss him
We stay all tangled up in each others arms and it’s so nice
He talks in his sleep, but he always gets my name right

If there’s anything at all that’s wrong with him
It’s something I just can’t see
Ain’t no doubt about it he’s the same kind of crazy as me

Wild, wild nights, chasing each other through the moonlight
My, my , my, I finally got something just right
‘Cause every little off-beat move that he makes, suits me to a tee
You know what I’m saying? He’s the same kind of crazy as me

Oh, wild, wild nights, chasing each other through the moonlight
My, my, my, I finally got something just right
‘Cause every little off-beat move that he makes, suits me to a tee
You know what I’m saying?  He’s the same kind of crazy as me

Know what I’m saying?, he’s the same kind of crazy as me
You know what I’m saying?, he’s the same kind of crazy as me




  1. This is one of my favorite Loveless albums, and that’s a great song you chose to write about. I forget sometimes how awesome her uptempo material is, since she pulls me in with her heart-wrenching ballads. Gotta go blast this now!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Kevin!

    I own only five Patty albums, two of them being greatest hits, along with a good amount of songs bought from iTunes and DMD is definitely one of her very best. Her ballads are amazing and I love them a whole lot, but overall, if I had to pick between Patty ballads or uptempos, I’d go with uptempos.

  3. She really can rave it up with the best of them. I actually dropped the f-bomb when I reviewed “Keep Your Distance” in 2005. That remains one of my favorite things she’s ever done.

    I think I’ll go make a playlist of just upbeat Patty and crank it up. May Lord have mercy on my neighbors!

  4. Haha…I love “Keep Your Distance”! That’s definitely one of my favorites from the latest album. So cool how she mixed her mountain soul sound with a a slight rock sound, and made one of the best country songs of that year. So mad at radio for not playing it! My mom loves that one as well. I thought the video was really different: like a slideshow, and I thought it was creative. I tried hard to request it so they’d play it a lot on the video channels, but it didn’t work out too well.

    I should do that too! I have so many playlists now haha.

  5. You have to get all of the Epic albums. When Fallen Angels Fly is the best, and Long Stretch of Lonesome is right behind it.

    iTunes has a better selection of her MCA stuff for whatever reason. I was buying her Epic stuff on release date back in the 90’s so I guess I’m lucky. The music was so much better then. Makes me feel really old!

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