Recommendation I: Clint Black

Welcome to the new blog for iCF Music!!! I created this blog just so I can write down my thoughts and opinions on different songs (mostly country music stuff) and share it with anyone who will read them. I was inspired by Kevin @ his Country Universe blog, and I was inspired by other blogs as well. I’m not new to making websites or anything (I’ll list them later), but I’m kinda new to blogging (I do have some experience with it, though) and wanted to get more into it, since it’s such a cool way to connect to other people across the world and I love talking about music and recommending anything good that I hear. I’m a male college student and I really love traditional country music, so there’ll be a good amount of that represented, along with some other types/styles of music. I’ll try to do reviews/recommendations as often as I can. So I hope this turns out to be an active blog that people read!

My first recommendation is: Clint Black’s “Go It Alone” from his 2005 Drinkin’ Songs & Other Logic album. Clint is one of my top 10 most favorite artists of all time, and I just love his music and the songs he writes, though I was not able to get this album until about two weeks ago through a birthday present. Anyway, I’ll get to the review of the song: it is one of the best songs on the album!

When I heard the steel guitar and fiddle intro with the harmonica and steady acoustic guitar strum in the beginning, I knew I’d love it, because I love traditional stuff and this slow-tempo one just does it for me. It reminds me of something he might have released in the ’90s or late ’80s when country was more country and he could get recognized for his talent and I think he could have had a big hit with this one (almost sounds like “Walkin’ Away”, which I love too!). The chorus makes me sad and is the best part of the song: it’s the part that holds you in even more: ” you go it alone my old friend, we could never know how just how it would end… “. It reminds me of my 17-year-old dog that I recently lost in February, because we went on so many adventures in life, out there in the Arizona desert and the song has a very cowboy-feel to the sound and the lyrics, so it goes with that too. And I believe, from my own interpretation, that the song’s gotta be about the death of a friend, so that’s how I connected to it.

The first few times I listened to it, it made me really sad, to where I couldn’t even listen to it without tearing up a bit (I don’t cry that often either). But now, when I listen to it, it still is sad, but I’m recovering, and it’s a comforting song if you listen to the lyrics: it gives hope and it’s a final farewell to the friend and happy trails and all that. I never got to say a final goodbye to my dog because, like I said, I’m away at college right now, and he also didn’t live with me at home anyway. The last time I saw him was in September 2006, but I still had a lot of memories with him (he was about 17 years old, so I spent a good amount of years with him) and it does still hurt, and the music is good to help heal from heartache a lot of the time. So this is a definite recommendation from me, a first of many, with a personal story attached to it as well!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the song as I have.

Buy it here on iTunes now!

Here are the lyrics to “Go It Alone”, written by Clint Black & Hayden Nicholas:

Here we are again, my old friend
We rode to the ends of the earth and back again
We’ve seen all and done all that there is to do
Now you’re riding the sky with the others we knew

Riding free like the drifter you are
With your back to the wind
But I have seen you and me with our backs to the wall
We have fought to be free from both sides of the law

Sometimes, we’re forgiven the chances we take
Most times, we’re just bending the rules when they break
But this is one ride just you alone have to make
Win, lose or draw

You go it alone, my old friend
We could never have known just how it would end
We’re just flesh and bone: we break and we bend
It’s chiseled in stone, we say our amen
And you go it alone

There once was a time when we knew the trails
Now ahead or behind are fences and rails
We’ve outlived the lifetime and ran out of room
But every hand finally throws up his hat to the moon
Now the fiddler’s just played his last tune
And told his last tale

He said: you go it alone. my old friend
We could never have known just how it would end
We’re just flesh and bone: we break and we bend
Now, it’s chiseled in stone, we’ve said our amen
And you go it alone

You go it alone, you go it alone…




  1. Well DUNN Boots! We like Clint Black too! Even his Christmas album ‘Milk & Cookies’ — Love that! Thanks for sharing this! Hope to see lots more from you! Always enjoy your thoughts!

    Sorry about your dog — I felt the same way when my first dog Greta died! Somehow the feeling always stays with you and you always feel a little sad along with all the good memories!
    — ingie

  2. Hey Ingie!

    Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it. I guess my post was taken down b/c I directly linked to the page, but the link is still in my profile and I’ll post it again sometime.

    Ahh, yeah. I’m slowly getting over it: time is the best healer (he was actually a red heeler, so that’s kinda funny lol). I sure miss him, but I’m doing much better, thanks!

    I will do a new review/recommendation later. I’ve just got to do some other things first.


  3. That’s awesome, CF :D Great to read your recommendations! I just bought Clint’s “Go It Alone”, and absolutely love it :D

    Great to read your personal slant on the song, too; that’s really sad about your dog…

    Lookin’ forwrd to reading your next addition :D


  4. Hey Han!

    Awesome! I’m so glad you bought it and that you love it! Do you know of Clint’s music other than this song?

    Thanks. Yeah, I could never really connect to sad songs about dying too often, because I don’t have much experience with that in my life.

    Thanks again Han! That made this mostly bad day into a good day…or, well since it’s like 3am, it means Sunday for me should be good! lol

  5. Aw bless you CF, I’m glad I ‘made your Sunday’ lol!

    No I hadn’t heard any of Clint’s material before, altho I had heard of his name (but I think I got him muddled with Clint Eastwood haha, and thought he was an actor!!)

    He sounds kinda Strait-ish, which is cool lol! I also bought a couple of other Clint songs, including “Hand In The Fire”; I love it!

    Thanks for the fab recommendation :-D

    Now I’ve just gotta find some Patty Loveless ;-)


  6. Wow, you really are making my Sunday haha.

    So great about you discovering Clint. His and Strait’s style are similar for sure…both have done several styles of country in their career, but mostly traditional stuff. I have not heard “Hand In the Fire” yet…will have to check that one out!

    Another one of his you might like is “Killin’ Time” and “Summer Comin'” … ohh man…now I gotta open my iTunes and listen to some Clint haha. He’s just so great. I met him at a Walmart-CD-signing a few years ago and he was so nice, I got to shake his hand and get a pic with him, but my mom doesn’t know where the roll of film for that one is, so it may be a while before I see it lol.

    Oooh…Patty is the best! I do love Lee Ann a whole lot, but Patty comes before her in my favorites list since she has been around longer and I know more of her songs. If you do get some Patty, make sure to comment in the other blog entry one ;) haha.

    Thanks so much again, and enjoy your music! And also…Eastwood is pretty cool too lol.

  7. Cool, I shall keep a look out for those tracks :) Yeppers, no worries lol I shall defo remember to post on your Patty entry, when I do finally hear her music :)

    Hey that’s so cool that you’ve met Clint! And that he was friendly too :) There’s nothing worse than holding somebody in high esteem, particularly celebrities, and then meeting them and they’re complete divas. I remember seeing a tv show once where a huge fan of Avril Lavigne won some contest and got to meet Avril in person, and go along to see her record her new single, and Avril was SO GRUMPY and moody, I actually was rather gobsmacked. She hardly spoke to the fan at all, and answered her questions with mere groans and grunts. It was awful, I felt so sorry for that fan! In her defence though, it was a few years ago, when Avril was still quite young, so maybe she’s gotten better at her whole relationship-with-the-fans thing now :)

    Cool beans
    Well thanks again for the Clint recommendation; I shall defo keep my eyes peeled on this blog of yours!

  8. Great! :D – looking forward to what you have to say.

    Wow, didn’t know that about Avril. That’s really interesting. I hate when celebs act that way. Maybe she was just in bad mood, but it still isn’t right to do, considering the circumstances.

    No problem and thanks again!

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